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Sriram Ganapathy - Technology Solutions Professional

The topic for our October 2016 partner call and blog was Microsoft Power BI solution templates. These templates are a quick, easy way to deliver powerful analytics and visualizations on top of popular applications. New templates were announced at Microsoft Data Amp, and these templates help build visualizations and an entire end-to-end analytics solution. These templates, called the Cortana Intelligence Suite solution templates, give technical implementers design patterns they can use to deploy real-world Microsoft Azure solutions in minutes. Cortana Intelligence Suite services use the power of cloud, big data, and intelligence to create powerful analytics solutions. The services available comprise information management services, big data stores, machine learning, analytics services, and intelligence services.

Cortana Intelligent Suite services

Building a technical architecture using the above services will depend on the customer business problem you are trying to solve. The solution templates provide an easy way to address some of the common use cases using recommended design patterns and best practices.

There are currently three solution templates available:

Demand Forecasting and Price Optimization

Ensure product availability and maximize profits through intelligent demand forecasting. Lets customers predict the volume of sales for a given time period and also model its sensitivity under various scenarios.

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Personalized Offers

Improve customer experience and maximize your customers’ basket size through relevant targeted offers. Marketing professionals can predict and deliver the best performing offer based on customers’ unique profiles.

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Quality Assurance

Minimize wastage and improve quality by predicting production line failures before they happen. Customers can correlate problems with their underlying operating conditions and determine the factors that contribute to operational or product problems.

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Partner opportunity

These templates are a great way to help you jump start customer projects, giving you the advantage of following Microsoft best practices and recommended design patterns. You can also build custom solutions on top of these templates and publish them on Microsoft AppSource. AppSource lets customers find solutions from partners, and you can submit apps that use Cortana Intelligent Suite services to AppSource.

Learn more about how to use AppSource

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In the May 23 partner call, we’ll discuss these templates in further detail, and we’ll also talk about Microsoft Hands-on Labs

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Cortana Intelligence Suite solution templates

Joanna Podgoetsky will walk you through the new solution templates. She’ll explain the advanced analytics buyer’s journey, discuss the customer use cases that these templates were built to address, provide estimated costing information for running each template, and facilitate an in-depth technical look at solution deployment, surrounding architecture, and machine learning models used.

Microsoft Hands-on Labs

Kevin Engman will talk about the Microsoft Hands-on Labs program, which can help you build your data platform and analytics sales practice. Hands-on labs let your customers experience the value of modernizing their data platform for their business, and how advanced analytics and business intelligence technologies to drive increased business value. You’ll be able to demonstrate Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Microsoft Azure, Business Intelligence, Analytics, and data-driven application development through a live, hands-on experience that the programs provide for free.

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