MPN 101 events: Step into the Microsoft Store and tell me about your experience


Chinmayi Bhavanishankar - US Partner Experience Lead

Summer is around the corner and so is Microsoft Inspire. Whether you are going to the biggest Microsoft partner conference in Washington DC or not, you can get a sneak peek into how you can benefit from a partnership with Microsoft by visiting a Microsoft Store. Through the MPN 101 Community calls, videos, blog posts, and Yammer group, we’re able to regularly bring you information that offers you new ideas for making the most of your MPN membership and building your relationship with Microsoft. In 2017, I have added to this list by bringing our flagship MPN 101 content to Microsoft Stores across the United States.

These in-person sessions for partners cover the requirements, benefits, and resources that the Microsoft partner program offers. I’ll also answer common partner questions as well as questions from attendees. For me, this is an opportunity to meet you and help you make a connection with your local Microsoft Store. While digital and remote connections are useful, I think that meeting face-to-face still has a unique and important place in building relationships.

Partners who attended my New York, Chicago, and Palo Alto sessions found the content to be beneficial and enjoyed the ability to have their questions answered face-to-face:

“It was packed with information, useful links, and other details I was looking for.”

“We liked the opportunity to try some of the new Microsoft products and ask questions about the features.”

“Interactive discussion, ability to ask and get real-time responses, human connection.”

In-store session description

Hosted at Microsoft Store locations, these 90-minute sessions will provide you with an overview of the Microsoft partner program, explaining your membership options, requirements, and associated benefits. You’ll also get a VIP tour of virtual reality experiences in the Microsoft Store.

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I’m excited about sharing our MPN 101 content with you face-to-face, and learning from you about your experience as a Microsoft partner. If you’re near one of the Microsoft Stores listed above, I hope you’ll sign up to join me there. Looking ahead to summer, I will also be at Microsoft Inspire in Washington, DC this July.

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