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Michael Panciroli, Technology Solutions Professional, Office 365 and Voice

Transforming a customer’s organization requires thoughtful attention to helping them identify and adopt the right capabilities, aligned to their goals as a company. For Office 365, there are three Business Value Programs you can use with customers that focus on the value, business benefits, and cost savings specific to each customer’s industry. The integrated tools and hands-on experiences offered in these programs make them an excellent addition to your selling process. Your customers can navigate new technologies and ask their questions in context of experiencing the value of Office 365.

There are three Business Value Programs you can use to support a customer’s digital transformation journey:

Value Discovery Workshop

Talk with your customers about business scenarios that matter to them, and connect their business priorities with the modern capabilities they need to deliver maximum value to their employees and customers.

Customer Immersion Experience

Take your customers through a fully functional Office 365 environment that includes everyday business situations and lets them see how Microsoft products make it easy, convenient, and secure.

Value of Office

The Value of Office tool uses variable models to help customers estimate the financial impact of Office 365.

The Office 365 Business Value Programs will be our topic for the June 1 Office 365 and Voice Partner call. We’ll provide a walkthrough of portal and tools, and share best practices for conducting the sessions with your customers. Below, I’ve provided additional details about each of these offerings, and I look forward to the deeper discussion about them on June 1.

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Introduction to Office 365 Business Value Programs

Value Discovery Workshop

Customers have higher expectations of their IT vendors, and expect them to provide solutions that deliver clear business impact, return on investment, and alignment to their business priorities. Value Discovery Workshop is a presales program that helps partners accelerate their Office 365 sales initiatives. In the Value Discovery Workshop, you perform a step-by-step assessment of process improvement opportunities that can be addressed with Office 365 capabilities. At the end of the workshop, you deliver a personalized solution proposal to the customer. Tool content is structured for one or more customer high value activities, departmental roles, and business objectives, and is mapped to ten different productivity scenarios. The Value Discovery Workshop has support for nine different industries, including public sector and government.

Partners using the Value Discovery Workshop with their customers told us that personalizing the workshop session and adding their information to share with a customer was important, so you can now download a customized workshop report and add further information. Outcomes also include a business proposal and Value of Office tools for customized business value assessments to help your customer examine the potential financial impact and return on investment they could realize by adopting Office 365. With Value Discovery Workshop, you can move to discussing proposals and implementation plans much faster while providing the value of a trusted business partner to your customer.

Value Discovery Workshop

Customer Immersion Experience

Facilitating a Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) is the best way to complement a Value Discovery Workshop. It lets customers learn about Microsoft business productivity and technologies without sales pressure, extending the consultative, value-based discussion you are having with them. CIE is a hands-on introduction to Windows 10 and Office. It’s not a demo, but a user experience that takes a customer through common work-related scenarios, such as being productive while mobile; using social networking to get work done, and connecting in real time with colleagues and customers.

As a trained CIE facilitator, you lead customers to discover the right solutions for their businesses in an interactive, experiential, and fun setting. There are several flavors of this experience, and it can be delivered in-person, virtually, and scaled down into a mini-CIE. This has been one of the most successful sales tools offered by Microsoft, and recent investments include adding the features and product notes for Secure Productive Enterprise to the facilitation guides for CIE sessions.

From my own experience with CIE, I’ve learned that when a good cross-section of a customer’s business is represented in a session, the discussions and solution envisioning that result from taking that customer through the scenarios can help you close deals faster. And, you deal size may grow based on the follow-on projects and opportunities identified.

Value of Office

Demonstrating the expected return on investment and cost savings for a business moving to Office 365 is a vital step in your sales process. The Value of Office 365 tool is a calculator that helps you build a business case for your customer, using default values taken from the Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) report. Using the tool, you can estimate the costs and savings your customers may experience by choosing Office 365. You can set it up quickly to produce a “door-opener” report, and by including more information from a customer, you can produce a more detailed report with total cost of ownership and return on investment analysis to help close a deal.

The Value of Office 365 calculator includes:

  • Enterprise calculator: Available for more than seven industries; basic to advanced inputs available, uses local currency and your defined pricing
  • Standalone calculators: Available for seven specific cases within Office 365 plans
  • Value realization calculator: Shows financial benefits for key processes by drilling down within nine different industries and their respective selected roles

Partner call about Office 365 Business Value Programs on Thursday, June 1

Visit the Business Value Programs site to learn more about each of the programs, and sign in as a partner to start using them. You’ll be able to schedule Value Discovery Workshops and Customer Immersion Experience sessions with customers and access content that supports your interactions. We’ll talk more about these programs, provide a walkthrough of the portal and tools, and share best practices for conducting sessions.

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