Application Development Partners: Introduction to Microsoft Cognitive Services

Jonathan Gardner, Technology Solutions Professional, Application Development

I recently spoke at an event about application innovations and enhancing application experiences. Some of the examples I discussed highlighted how application interactions are changing the way that companies interact with their customers. There has been an explosion of channels like the addition of bots, sentiment analytics, and even rich media services that are driving innovation. In this post, and on the June 6 partner call for Cloud Application Development partners, I will cover Microsoft Cognitive Services, providing you with an overview of what they are, how to start working with them, and how you can use them in your partner business.

What are Microsoft Cognitive Services?

As computer environments become more complex and we continue to connect more things to the internet, the need for a natural way to interact with these systems increases. Microsoft Cognitive Services enables natural and contextual interaction with complex computer environments. The Cognitive Services APIs let you easily add vision, speech, language, knowledge, and search to your apps.

At Microsoft Build 2017, the Microsoft Cognitive Services Vision APIs were featured during the keynotes. The scenario outlined was one of a construction site and the services ability to identify potentially hazardous working conditions in near real time. These services can be part of a feedback loop that can actively learn and be used for a host of scenarios beyond monitoring a potentially hazardous work environment. You can watch the recorded sessions from Build on Channel 9.

What’s new with Microsoft Cognitive Services

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The partner opportunity

Over the past few months, I have met with many customers and partners. All of them expressed the need in their organizations to surface complex data to their employees and other users faster, allowing employ to make better decisions. With the reporting tools many companies use today, even answering a simple business question can take several minutes. Using a bot that utilizes the conversational intelligence API called Language Understanding Intelligent Service, would allow me to query the data set faster and obtain a response in seconds, instead of minutes.

The Cognitive Services APIs can be used in your intellectual property – apps or services – and add value to the solutions you’re offering.

Getting started

How Microsoft Cognitive Services can help your apps communicate with people

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Partner call about Azure Cognitive Services on June 6

If you’re using Azure Cognitive Services today, we’d love to hear from you. Join the discussion in the Cloud Application Development Yammer Group, and sign up for the June 6 partner call.

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Join us at Microsoft Inspire this July

Our annual worldwide partner business and sales conference, Microsoft Inspire, is in Washington, D.C. from July 9-13. I am looking forward to meeting partners while there – we’ll share more details about connecting with my US Partner Team colleagues and me at Microsoft Inspire soon on the US Partner Community blog. The Session Catalog is available now, and meeting and session scheduling tools will open in early June.

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