Dynamics Partners: Take your business to the next level with expert marketing offers, available until June 30

Nicole Vandenberg, Senior Marketing Manager, Microsoft US Dynamics Team

It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through 2017! It’s a good time to evaluate where you are with your marketing resolutions, and perhaps think about engaging expert marketing support from the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Services Bureau (MSB). These Dynamics-experienced marketers have the skills you need to fill marketing gaps and accelerate the path to new leads. Take a look at the three offers we’re featuring below and then visit MSB on PartnerSource to see even more offers. Don’t delay, MSB offers are only available until June 30, 2017.

A la carte marketing from Interactive Limited

Interactive Limited makes it easy for Dynamics partners to specify the internet marketing and search engine optimization needed with their a la carte offer. Choose any five of their ten optimization programs, including YouTube Video Optimization and YouTube Channel Setup; PinPoint.com Optimization and Review Collection; Dynamics ERP or Dynamics CRM Quick Quote Tool Subscription; Remarketing Online Banner Ads; Keyword Research; Home Page, About Us Page, Landing Page Optimization and Case Study Optimization; Blog Optimization; AdWords Campaign Optimization; Backlink Optimization; or Optimizing Website Performance. You’ll get the marketing work and training for future use.

Leverage social media with Mabbit Marketing

Mabbit Marketing offers intelligent, straightforward social media management solutions for Microsoft Dynamics partners, removing the burden of maintaining a solid social presence. Want to drive more traffic to your blog? Want to engage more with potential clients, vendors, and industry influencers?

Contact Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Services Bureau member Mabbit Marketing and take advantage of their free Twitter profile and header graphic when you sign up for a six-month Twitter account management package.

Stand out from the crowd with The Partner Marketing Group

Today’s business professionals don’t have the time to read lengthy technical documentation or run-of-the-mill vendor collateral everyone else is using. Stand out from the crowd with a creative eBook or infographic from The Partner Marketing Group. These valuable tools will become your new marketing assets.


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