Data & Analytics Partners: Microsoft Inspire session recommendations for Data Platform and Analytics partners

Sriram Ganapathy - Technology Solutions Professional

Microsoft Inspire, formerly known as Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference or WPC, is the largest partner event which will be held this year in Washington, DC at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center on July 9–13, 2017. This conference is a great opportunity for partners to connect with other partners, Microsoft employees, and industry experts. Microsoft Inspire provides a week full of networking, learning, and collaboration. Past attendance at Inspire exceeded 16,000 people from around the globe. For more information about the conference and to register, please go to the Microsoft Inspire website.

With 500+ sessions to choose from at Inspire, it is hard for partners to select the ones to focus on. The session catalog and schedule builder tool on the Inspire website can help you with this task. You can browse through session details in the session catalog ahead of time, pick sessions that interest you the most, and add them to your Inspire schedule. In this post, I give you my recommendations on which Data Platform and Analytics sessions to attend. Click on the links to go to the session catalog on the Inspire website to bookmark and add these sessions to your calendar.

General and breakout sessions

I highly recommend the following two general sessions:

CE004: Analytics to AI: The data platform transformation story

Tuesday, July 11

Description: Hear from other partners who are working with their customers to transform their business with SQL Server 2017 and Azure Data Services, Business Analytics, and AI. Presented by John ‘JG’ Chirapurath, General Manager of Data Product Marketing.

CE003: Breakthrough App Innovation that will drive your business

Monday, July 10

Description: We’ve entered an app-driven economy in which the success of brands will be tied to how they embrace and make best use of custom applications. For applications to be strategic to your business, you need more than just another quick fix. You need to deliver new intelligent customer experiences to users wherever they are, on any device. In this general session, you will learn how Microsoft’s unique App Innovation solution enables you to accelerate your business in this new economy. Presented by Omar Khan, General Manager of Cloud Application Development and Tools.

There will also be 26 breakout sessions focused on Microsoft AI, Business Analytics, and Data Platform.

Microsoft AI, Business Analytics, and Data Platform session list

Internet of Things (IoT) Partner Networking event on July 11

If you are attending Inspire, be sure to join us in the Expo hall on Tuesday, July 11, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM ET for a special networking event just for IoT partners. Mingle with Microsoft IoT engineering and marketing experts to discuss technology, solutions, and industry trends, and network with other partners, including systems integrators, consulting firms, app developers, and device makers. The event is free and open to all partners at Inspire.

Additional sessions

One of the focus areas for us on the Microsoft Partner Enablement team is helping transform partners from project services focused companies to solutions focused businesses. Today’s customers use technology in innovative ways and digitally transform themselves. Partners need to build creative solutions to help them with that transformation. I will be presenting a 20-minute power session at Inspire to highlight the “Art of the possible” – how other customers and partners have successfully gone through this digital transformation, and how Microsoft can help partners make this transition. Please find session details below:

US14p The art of the possible: Digital transformation for US Partners

Wednesday, July 12, 3 PM ET at Room 144B, Walter E. Washington Convention Center

Description: If you’re ready to move your business from services first to solutions first, this session is for you. We’ll share best practices from companies that have implemented successful digital transformation strategies and provide you with resources and tools that can help you make that transition.

The following session categories may also be of interest to you. Note some of the sessions are listed under multiple categories:

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