Three things you can do right now to prepare for Microsoft Inspire

Chinmayi Bhavanishankar - US Partner Experience Lead

If you are a US Partner headed to Microsoft Inspire 2017 in Washington, DC this year, you know that we are just ten days away from the biggest Microsoft partner conference of the year! In my previous post, I shared some tips to plan your experience at Inspire. In this post, I want to focus on three things that you can do right now to be better prepared for the conference.

1. Register for the US Partner Celebration

The US Partner Celebration is a unique and memorable event. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to celebrate with your peers and with the US Partner team. You can get more details on reserving your spot at the US Partner Celebration in this post by Parker Levy. Don’t be concerned if you are waitlisted – it is part of the process and you will get a confirmation email within 1-3 business days of registering.

2. Download the Microsoft Inspire mobile app

You will be able to have all conference resources at your fingertips so even if you don’t have time to do anything prior to the conference, you can catch up while you are traveling to Washington, DC. The app enables you to manage your schedule, add sessions, connect with other attendees, and more.

Here are some recommendations on sessions for US partners that are interested in:

If you would like to get an overview of the Microsoft partner program, you can attend these sessions:

  • US10p or EXP27: MPN 101 for US partners: Make the most of your Microsoft partner program membership
  • US11p: Ready for your first cloud competency? How the Cloud Enablement Desk can help

3. Engage with the US Partner team

Follow @msinspireus on Twitter to get the latest information for US partners headed to and at Microsoft Inspire, including updates on keynotes, sessions, the US Partner Celebration, and more. Follow @msuspartner and @mspartner for general information and announcements for Microsoft partners.

Additionally, as you prepare:

  • Listen to the recording of the Know Before You Go call that addressed everything US partners need to know before you go to Microsoft Inspire
  • Download and read through the US Partner Guide (available June 30, 2017)
  • Read this post by the Worldwide Microsoft Inspire Lead, Dean Armintrout, and review his Inspire checklist