Partner Spotlight: Object Theory and CDM Smith

The Partner Spotlight video series showcases customer stories about how Microsoft US partners are empowering them to achieve more through Microsoft-based solutions. In each video, a customer shares how a partner solution helps them better serve clients, communities, and constituents.

CDM Smith is a full-service construction and engineering firm that provides solutions in water, environment, transportation, energy and facilities to clients worldwide. A solution from Microsoft Partner, Object Theory, that utilizes Microsoft HoloLens completely transforms how CDM Smith communicates and collaborates on construction sites.

“The real interesting thing we did with Object Theory is to have the ability to have avatars of the remote people that can’t join you there and see their line of gaze, so you know what they are looking at and have a conversation, and have this collaboration experience,” says David Neitz, CIO of CDM Smith. David knows that an enhanced ability to communicate will truly change how CDM Smith operates. “We believe collaboration will lead to superior innovative solutions, and [HoloLens] is really helping our employees to collaborate globally.”

Michael Hoffman, Founder of Object Theory, describes how HoloLens is truly unique and will continue to change the world we live in: “I’ve seen several revolutions materialize. I believe firmly in the HoloLens and I believe it is going to revolutionize how we conduct ourselves in business initially and eventually in our personal lives.”

Partner Spotlight: Object Theory and CDM Smith

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