MPN 101: Getting credit for the cloud consumption you drive

Chinmayi Bhavanishankar - US Partner Experience Lead

One of the four steps to attain a cloud competency is to demonstrate sales performance, meaning that you need to get recognized and be credited with the cloud consumption that you are influencing with your customers. This blog post gives you resources to enable you to get credit in the Microsoft ecosystem for the cloud consumption that you drive.

Multiple partners can get credit for driving customer cloud consumption to benefit all partners involved in a cloud subscription. With Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) and new Partner Association methods, multiple partners can be recognized for the value they add to customers’ cloud subscriptions, and everyone benefits.

Digital Partner of Record (DPOR)

Digital Partner of Record associates servicing partners to a Microsoft cloud subscription. A customer will have to assign a partner as the Digital Partner of Record for every subscription that the partner is handling.

DPOR automates how partners are attached as the Partner of Record for the subscriptions partners are actively managing for customers for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Dynamics 365, AX7, Microsoft Intune, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), and Microsoft Azure.

Being Digital Partner of Record qualifies the partners for:

  • Competencies: Partners can check off the sales performance demonstration requirement by being the digital partner of record
  • Incentive programs: Partners can qualify to participate in local incentive programs by being the digital partner of record

Download the Customer Guide to attaching a Digital Partner of Record for Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365, Intune, and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)

Download the Customer Guide to attaching a Digital Partner of Record for Azure

Partner Association

If you work on a cloud subscription but are not listed as the DPOR, we’ve begun to recognize usage and consumption data from the sources listed below:

  • Transacting partners as reported in Microsoft internal sales systems
  • Delegated Admin Privileges (DAP): If you are not listed as DPOR but provide deployment or ongoing lifecycle support, ensure you are designated as a delegated administrator by your customer so that the usage you drive can count toward your MPN Cloud Competency qualification. Any partner can be granted DAP privileges by a customer for Office 365, Microsoft Intune, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Dynamics 365, AX7, or Microsoft Dynamic CRM Online.

Download the Partner Association Guide for Partners


Watch video on how to offer delegated administration

Follow step-by-step guidance on sending offers and assigning permissions

Remember that for both Digital Partner of Record and Delegated Admin Privileges, the action lies with the customer. The customer needs to appoint you as the partner of record or grant you privileges. The Cloud Services Partner Dashboard gives a view of the cloud consumption that you are driving.

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