Join the November 30 Open Source Solutions Community call to learn about Microsoft’s commitment to OSS

Sara Benhamron, Technology Evangelist

The Microsoft commitment to helping partners build their practice in the open source space continues with the Open Source Solutions (OSS) Technical Community. The community is here to address your needs as a partner, help you build and sustain a profitable practice with OSS and Microsoft, and learn the technical best practices of first-party and third-party OSS workloads on the Microsoft platform.

Join us on November 30 for the monthly OSS Technical Community call to hear about the current momentum in OSS, get an overview of resources, and learn about the topic of the month – containers.

Open Source approach

The public cloud has brought a big disruption to the technology market in the last 15 years. Forrester estimates that revenue from public cloud platforms, business services, and applications will grow at an overall rate of 22% from 2015 to 2020, reaching $236 billion in 2020. More and more enterprises have realized the investment opportunity that exists in the open source space. Microsoft provides the necessary support for partners to develop a sustainable OSS practice by offering them a cloud platform they can trust. Microsoft’s approach to open source in the cloud includes an open and flexible platform that meets you where you are with what you have today providing the openness to build freely and flexibility to deploy how and where you need to. There are currently over 6,000 employees who contribute to open source projects, over 15,000 contributors on GitHub, and over 3,000 open source projects.


Open Source momentum

The open source momentum is strong at Microsoft. Read about the open source initiatives, programs, and solutions below.

Open Source Initiative (OSI) and Cloud Native Foundation

Taking another step on the open-source journey, Microsoft joins the OSI as a premium sponsor. Expanding the Linux Foundation membership, Microsoft joins CNCF as a platinum member.

Cloud Developer Advocates

True to the OSS commitment Microsoft has invested into the developer advocacy program, refocusing on cloud by hiring prominent open-source developers. You can learn more and connect with the global team of Cloud Developer Advocates here

Azure Container Service (AKS)

The managed Kubernetes service, Azure Container Service (AKS), is out on preview. AKS makes it easier to manage and operate the Kubernetes environment, providing the benefit of open source Kubernetes without complexity and operational overhead.

Azure 10 PST Solutions

Simplified go-to-market solutions that represent a superset of the solutions found at the Azure Solutions Center

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