Modern bot development with Dynamics 365 – Part 1 of 2

Introduction to bots on the Microsoft Platform

In today’s world it’s important for Dynamics Partners to understand the basics of bot technologies and their business value. Below you’ll see how CaféX, a Dynamics 365 Partner, is leveraging bots to deliver greater value to their customers and grow their business. In this post, I would like to provide an overview of possible use cases for bot interactions that can enhance your business.

CafeX: Customer success with Dynamics integrated bots

CaféX specializes in the development of software that enables business collaboration and customer engagement in mobile and web applications. Retail, online banking, insurance, healthcare, and warranty & service are among key verticals that can benefit from bot applications like CaféX Live Assist.

CafeX created a portable Live Customer Support bot embedded in Dynamics 365 that does an amazing job of showcasing the possibilities of bot extensibility. This demo video provides an overview of CaféX Live Assist for Dynamics 365.

QnA Maker Preview: From FAQ to bot in minutes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are a common model used in many companies to provide upfront non-interactive customer support. The QnA Maker Preview service gives you the ability to take your existing Company FAQ and create a bot as easily as pasting in a URL. You can find more information about the QnA scenario and how to build a bot in this informative article by Microsoft MVP Neil Parkhurst.


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