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Matt Morris, Partner Technology Strategist

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Three key trends are coming together to create a new age of innovation and transformation: massive new sources and volumes of data, artificial intelligence (AI) and the cloud. There has never been a better time of opportunity for partners to build a data modernization practice to help our customers understand the potential to fundamentally change how they leverage their data to make better decisions about their business.

The foundation for capitalizing on these opportunities created by these trends is data modernization. So, what is data modernization exactly?

As data volumes have grown and diversified in type and form, so too has the set of available technology platforms to securely store and analyze data evolved. Most customers in the enterprise, corporate and medium segments have large and diverse database platform estates used for traditional business intelligence or operational systems. Operational and management costs have steadily risen as database platforms proliferate to meet the demands of the business.

When you factor in other trends such as new compliance requirements and ever-changing security threats, the status quo habits of customers to operate on legacy platforms in dispersed and siloed workloads becomes increasingly untenable. Customers want and need modern data platforms that provide modern capabilities that are designed to handle larger volumes of data on next-gen hardware platforms, as well as address compliance and security requirements.

SQL Server 2017 in combination with Azure Data Services provides a rich set of capabilities that enable our customers to harness the power of their data in a way that can be transformational to their business. In addition, Microsoft has introduced a new set of services and tools that significantly reduce the technology blockers preventing timely and cost-effective data modernization projects. There has never been a better time for partners to consider adding a data modernization practice to their portfolio.

We are very excited to announce a new online StepUp webinar series devoted to our partners to help them understand the business opportunity for data modernization and related set of technologies and services that significantly ease database upgrade or migration to the cloud.

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