Give customers an interactive tour of the value of your Microsoft Office 365 solutions

As you grow your Microsoft 365 business, how can you differentiate the value that you provide to customers? Start with the Immersion experience. It’s a powerful interactive user experience that lets you organically guide customers through real-world, everyday business situations using Microsoft Office 365, EMS, and Windows 10. For 2018, we’ve made it easier and more economical to train your team to facilitate Immersion experiences, ask the right questions, and foster conversations and “aha! moments” that showcase the value of the Microsoft platform and your services.

What’s an Immersion experience?

Immersion experiences are end-user sessions for 5-10 participants, typically business decision makers and IT decision makers. Guided by a trained partner facilitator, customers explore and discover hands-on with a virtual “sandbox” environment populated with data, files, personas, and Microsoft solutions. By letting customers experience and explore what is possible at their own pace in a low-pressure environment, the Immersion experience helps customers see the value that a consolidated Microsoft platform can deliver for their business.

Why add it to your sales toolkit?

Immersion experiences build a relationship of trust with the customer because there’s no sales pressure, long demos, or redundant presentations. The beauty of the Immersion experience is that partners can leverage this tool at any point of the sales cycle, including when:

  • The customer wants to learn how to fully deploy Microsoft products and platform in their workplace;
  • The customer is evaluating whether to purchase Microsoft products and platform;
  • The customer has rights to, but hasn’t deployed, the latest Microsoft products; and
  • The customer is evaluating whether to renew their rights to the Microsoft products.

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New for 2018: Faster, more economical facilitator training

Immersion experience sessions use a trained facilitator to lead attendees through a unique, hands-on experience. Each facilitator must be individually qualified by attending an Immersion facilitator boot camp training. In response to partner feedback, Microsoft has revised the boot camp format for 2018 down to 1.5-days in-person with online pre-work and post-work (from 3.5 days in-person), as well as reduced the cost to $540 per participant (from $950 per participant).

In addition, to encourage on-time reporting of Immersion experience sessions and holding more Immersion experience sessions, facilitators will be receiving verified facilitator badges (to utilize for social selling and partner websites) and have access to additional rewards for reaching certain numbers of customer accounts.

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Immersion experience facilitator training happens nationwide and is led by Brainstorm Inc., the training partner for the program.

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