Build a Profitable New Cloud Practice in 2018!

Join our Workshop series on Cloud Practice Development, where we cover a large array of topics to help you create a profitable practice! We’ll show you how to build your next Cloud Solution and how your business can stay ahead of what’s next.

Over this multi-week Workshop, you will explore the steps in the Practice Development Framework and learn business and technical-oriented best practices, resources, and tools to help you build and execute your strategy.

At the completion of this program, you will:

  • Have a comprehensive plan and timeline to build your next Cloud practice
  • Understand how to use the Practice Development Playbook resource with your sales, marketing, support, technical, and managed services teams
  • Have team alignment and clear responsibilities for strategy execution
  • Know how to leverage the resources available from Microsoft to help maximize your profitability

Who should attend

Our workshop series are designed specifically to help Partner Business Owners, Business Decision Makers, Presidents or C-Level Roles. However, we will provide recommendations and best practices that you can share with your whole team for greater efficiency and profitability.

Join us in our weekly workshops

Be sure to register now for the Cloud Practice Development Workshop series, which will run from January 25 to March 1.