How to expand your Dynamics Revenue with Azure Services

Be sure to join us for a community call on Tuesday, February 13 regarding how you can incorporate Microsoft Azure services into your business and increase recurring revenue for your organization.

Goal for the community call

We look to better enable our partners in expanding their cloud practices to offer a comprehensive solution to their customers. At the completion of this call, you will:

  • Identify how to be a successful partner
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of Azure services
  • Hear the experience of a successful partner
  • See how to accelerate your sales cycle
  • Learn how to effectively use Microsoft AppSource

How to be a successful Microsoft Dynamics partner

Here is a sneak peak into some of the detail we will provide you in the community call on February 13.

We have many services in Azure that can be utilized to expand Dynamics 365 and build a more robust solution for the customer. Our presenters will demonstrate Azure services with tasks such as:

  • Exporting customer data to Azure SQL
  • Connecting to external data sources with Virtual Entities
  • Data back-up
  • Saving documents/attachments to Azure

Partner Spotlight – Nasuni

Nasuni, one of Microsoft’s top Azure Storage ISV’s, will join our community call and share their experiences and expertise on how to get started quickly. They will share insights into their sales model and the success they have achieved while utilizing Azure services.

Today, Nasuni helps customers solve for challenges associated with storing, protecting, sharing and managing file data around the world. Powered by Azure, Nasuni’s cloud native enterprise file system allows customers unlimited scale, comprehensive business continuity, and global synchronization on a single solution living in Azure.

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Remember to join us for more information on how to accelerate sales cycles and publish your apps and services on AppSource in the February 13 Business Applications Community Call.

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