Modernize your customer’s legacy applications

Nina Sui, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloud + Enterprise

Join us for the Applications & Infrastructure Partner Community call on Friday, February 16 and the Open Source Solutions Partner Community call on Friday, February 23 to learn about application modernization.

Why modern apps?

Modern Apps is a key enabler for digital transformation at YOUR own pace!

  • Engage your customers: Go from idea to production faster

Customers expect more personalization and more options. Leverage the cloud to deliver value faster and respond to changes driven by customer needs. By using flexible resources such as PaaS and serverless architecture, Microsoft Azure helps you deliver early and often, increasing the flow of customer value and focusing on the functionality that will provide value today.

  • Enable your employees: Encourage experimentation

Azure enables new ideas, products and services. It allows your teams to use “hypothesis-driven development” techniques to try out different business models and workflows, iterate quickly, and deliver innovation.

  • Transform your products: Deliver fast and deliver value

Take advantage of microservices, serverless architecture, and containers to remove large dependencies within your products, and create smaller and independently deployable components. These leaner and quickly-evolving applications will lead the way to a new business model that evolves rapidly and keeps you ahead of your competition. Get to market quicker and with greater agility with 13x more software releases. Innovate faster to solve customer problems sooner.

  • Optimize your operations: Elastic Resources

Expand or decrease resource usage to meet changing demands without worrying about capacity planning and engineering for peak usage. Use monitoring tools built-in to Azure to allocate additional resources without disrupting operations. Reduce scale times to minutes or even seconds.

During these community calls, we will cover:

  • Campaign messaging & positioning, email templates, and customer presentations
  • App Modernization Assessment offering, funding, and tools such as the assessment survey & CloudPilot license
  • How to get started & opportunity for joint-account targeting

App Modernization Assessment offering

Modernize your legacy apps with little or no code rewrite by using containers, and Azure PaaS, to deliver innovation, customer insight, faster app delivery, scalability, and cost savings. The App Modernization Assessment offering is a 3-4 day, partner-led assessment of a customer’s traditional line-of-business (LOB) apps, with the end goal of moving one of their simpler LOB apps to Azure.

Learn more about the App Modernization Campaign BOM designed specifically for partners. We have a guest speaker from the team running the campaign joining the calls.

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