Lift and shift your data to the cloud!

Amber Sitko, Partner Technology Strategist, US One Commercial Partner

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Tried moving your customers to the cloud only to come up against multiple objections? That’s understandable considering the many years of customer investment in their databases or extensive use of features that aren’t supported in Microsoft Azure SQL (SQL CLR, cross database queries, etc.) or budget constraints or event tenants that require isolation. These issues could easily block moving a customer’s on-premises SQL Server to the cloud. The good news is that we now have a solution – Microsoft Azure Managed Instance!

Azure Managed Instance is a lift and shift solution for your customer’s SQL Server from on premises to the cloud. You can check it out for yourself since it will be in Public Preview soon, but in the meantime, here is a little more about it.

What is Azure Managed Instance?

Azure Managed Instance offers close to 100% compatibility AND gives the benefits of a platform as a service (PaaS). Your customer can take advantage of active geo-replication, backups database advisor, high availability, automatic threat detection vulnerability assessment, intelligent insights, etc. Since Always On availability groups the customer has less to configure and manage with database mirroring and log shipping capabilities built in.

For your customers that require high isolation, there are VNETs with support for private IP addresses and controlled service updates, so they can have full isolation without the public IP address. Using the VNETs, customers can isolate their database tier from the public internet and then join it to other cloud VNETs or on-premise networks.

To make the move even easier, we also have a new Database Migration Service and the System Center Operations Management Pack (MP) for Azure SQL – Managed Instances. The Data Migration Service will make the move risk free, automated, and with only minutes of down time. Please note that it can also be used for non-Microsoft databases. The MP gives the ability to monitor—similar to the SQL Server 2017 MP—and now is in public preview.

When isn’t Managed Instance the right solution?

If your customer needs control over or access to the operating system, the ability to run the application or agents side-by-side with the database or they need to manage all aspects of the solution, Managed Instance may not be a good fit.

For more information on this topic, join us on the Data & AI Partner Community Call, March 2, where we will be discussing these new services and tools. For further information, you can find all of our monthly calls within the Data and AI Community.

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