3 Benefits of web content syndication in enhancing the customer experience

The value of content marketing is that it builds relationships between brands and buyers. So why aren’t more companies delivering relevant online content at every turn? Because providing that content can sometimes be a challenge – whether it’s finding the time, resources, or content itself.

This is where web syndication comes in. Microsoft’s web content syndication service is a no-cost resource that makes it fast and easy to add dynamic, engaging content to your website. This service helps enhance your content marketing efforts with pre-created web content across multiple topics that are designed to support your business objectives, as well as publish to your website in minutes.

Market research indicates partners who participated in Microsoft’s web syndication service—the Digital Commerce and Campaign Network (DCCN)—realized very positive business impact including increased revenue, customer retention, cost savings and increased speed to market.

To start, web syndication helps you build awareness, generate demand, and increase sales through rich, interactive web content, downloadable sell sheets, whitepapers, decks, brochures, and other targeted content.

Let’s go back to the two primary challenges of content marketing: expensive and time-consuming. The latest version of DCCN lets you integrate quality content on your website in about five minutes – for free.

Benefits of web syndication service

Not only do you have a wealth of pre-developed content at your fingertips, but Microsoft’s DCCN web syndication service also has enriched features that make it quick and easy to use. Here are three features that take this service to the top:

Streamlined buyer journey

Easily direct your customers to the next logical step in their purchase journey with the ‘Buy Now’ feature. This helps you configure links that take them to pages where you sell featured products. Getting a customer to the right product, at the right moment in their purchasing decision has never been easier.

Qualified lead generation

Some of the campaigns include gated content designed to help generate qualified leads by requiring customers to complete a form when they download high-value content. Their contact information is passed directly to the hosting partner and is never seen or collected by Microsoft.

New content around the topics your customers care about

Microsoft is continuously creating new content, so you can provide your customers with the resources they need to make a purchasing decision. In short, the resources you can make available to your customers are endless.

Some of the new web syndication content now available shows customers how they can get started with:

  • Microsoft 365 Business and Microsoft 365 Device
  • Microsoft Azure and using it to build, deploy, and manage their applications
  • Office 365 as the best-in-productivity tool for small businesses

Making sure your customers have the right content at the right time can be difficult. Resources such as Microsoft’s DCCN web content syndication service make it easier to save valuable time and money. Sign up for DCCN to get these new campaigns and benefit from this no-cost resource today.

Watch the video to learn more about Microsoft’s web content syndication service: