Gain deep insights into the Windows environment with Windows Analytics

Digital Transformation is a key foundation of the Microsoft Strategy. With our cloud solutions, we are giving companies the opportunity to collect more data and insights on their customers and use that information to create value and develop or maintain a competitive advantage. Microsoft is continuously in the midst of its own digital transformation—shown best in the solutions now available to customers, such as Windows Analytics.

Microsoft understands that from a security and customer experience standpoint, it’s best to keep systems up-to-date. However, it hasn’t always been easy for customers to upgrade, manage, and maintain their devices. Customers sometimes don’t have an understanding of which apps are running on their users’ systems and which ones are important, so they end up doing a full test on all apps before upgrading their systems. Then, when they finally have the green light to move forward with the upgrade, they end up using tedious, image-based deployments.

Windows Analytics changes the game. The platform uses telemetry data to provide deep insights into the Windows environment, offering a comprehensive inventory of all the apps and add-ins running in a customer’s environment. In addition, Windows Analytics provides information about usage and known issues with those apps, so enterprises can prioritize the issues they need to focus on instead of doing a full test on all apps. Lastly, in-place upgrades simplify deployments and make it easier to stay current.

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What is Windows Analytics?

Windows Analytics is comprised of three solutions:

  1. Upgrade Readiness helps organizations plan for Windows 10 upgrades by identifying and resolving app and driver compatibility blockers. Built by the app-compat team—experts in this type of analysis—they’re sharing their “secret sauce” with you.
  2. Windows Analytics Update Compliance was built by our expert servicing team, and is designed to help you stay up-to-date on Windows 10 by ensuring all your devices are on a supported version of Windows 10 and are up-to-date on their patches and defender signatures.
  3. Windows Analytics Device Health is designed to reduce support costs by proactively identifying and remediating top end-user impacting issues. An IT pro’s worst fear isn’t failing to keep machines up-to-date—it’s causing widespread problems by updating them.

Together, these three solutions help you get current (Upgrade Readiness), stay current (Upgrade Compliance), and stay healthy (Device Health) with Windows 10. We’ll cover this in detail and provide a walk-through demo during the May 1 Modern Workplace: Windows & Devices Partner Community call.

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Partner Opportunity

Windows Analytics is a major component of the Microsoft 365 Powered Device Assessment Kit. The Assessment Kit represents a significant opportunity for partners, especially developing and offering managed services to support customers in their efforts around ongoing management of Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus deployments. The purpose of the Microsoft 365 Powered Device Assessment is to assist partners in starting a conversation with customers about managed services by highlighting a simple and effective method of quantifying the challenges.

Partner Marketing Manager Nomi Nazeer provides a great explanation of the kit and provides more resources in a recent Yammer post, “This toolkit has been designed to assist partners in driving the always up-to-date conversation, by showing customers the status of their Windows OS and Office 365 ProPlus versions relative to end-of-support timelines. The toolkit serves as a pre-sales conversation to land partner’s services offering to keep customers up-to-date on Windows 10 and office 365 ProPlus. This toolkit contains five assets: (1) Overview & Delivery Timelines, (2) Assessment goals & Introduction deck (customer-facing), (3) Introduction to Windows Analytics deck (customer-facing), (4) Partner Delivery Guide, and (5) Findings & Recommendations deck (customer-facing).”

Download the toolkit here.

For more guidance on how to use these assets in customer conversations, check out the webinar video and presentation below:

Webinar video:

Webinar presentation:

Don’t forget to register for the May 1 Modern Workplace: Windows & Devices Partner Community call to learn more about Windows Analytics, and be ready to deliver the Microsoft 365 Powered Device Assessment.

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