Introducing Microsoft Azure Sphere: The next step in device security

Today we see more and more connected devices powered by microcontrollers—while there are remarkable benefits to gain from this connectivity, it also gives rise to a new wave of vulnerabilities. Given that microcontroller-based devices don’t get updated as often, security concerns are no surprise.

At RSA Conference 2018 this April, we announced the preview of Microsoft Azure Sphere, a new solution that plays a key role in the Microsoft Azure IoT portfolio to ensure end-to-end device security for your MCU-powered devices.

Microsoft Azure Sphere includes three components that work together to protect and power devices at the intelligent edge.

Microsoft <3 Linux, as we’ve been saying for a while now, and people have continued to ask if Microsoft will ever create and publish a custom Linux kernel. The answer is now yes!

For the first time ever, Microsoft has built a custom Linux kernel. Introducing Microsoft Azure Sphere OS: a Linux-based platform built just for you.

To learn more about Microsoft Azure Sphere, join our OSS Partner Community call on Friday, May 25 at 10 a.m. PT.

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