Dynamics 365 Connected Field Service

Introduction to Connected Field Service

Microsoft Connected Field Service is a framework that provides a gateway from Microsoft Azure IoT Solution Accelerators (formerly Azure IoT Suite) to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for field service. It’s currently deployable from AppSource under the name Connected Field Service Add-on and is free to install. Our product team has invested years of development to make this solution possible. This framework gives partners a set of click-to-configure services that enhance their Microsoft Dynamics 365 for field service environments, allowing them to capitalize on the IoT and AI innovation wave.

Azure IoT Solution Accelerators made easy

When building an IoT extension to a field service practice, infrastructure implications revolve around security, scalability, performance, and more. The IoT/Azure components of Microsoft Connected Field Service greatly reduce this complexity. All of the required cloud service needed for managing IoT devices at scale, capturing IoT device data, and sending anomaly data points to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service come, out-of-the-box, through Microsoft Connected Field Service Add-on framework from AppSource.

Connected Field Service Value

This diagram shows what’s deployed for you automatically with the Microsoft Connected Field Service Add-on framework from AppSource. Connected factory, building, assembly line, and other scenarios are made possible by through Microsoft Connected Field Service. If you’re an engineer familiar with Plugin development, those solution components are open and customizable to you. In this same way, you can also customize the services deployed in Azure.

All this amounts to the value of moving from a costly and slow reactive field service model to an intelligent and efficient proactive model. To top it all off, this allows you to add the value of proactive, just-in-time field service. You can find more information about Connected Field Service here.

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