Partner Solution Brief: Office 365 security in the public sector


Microsoft Partner Solution Briefs are an ongoing series aimed at helping you, our partners, learn from one another with real-world examples. The brief provides a quick overview with context on business challenges, real examples of partner solutions, and the outcomes.

The challenge

  • Planet Technologies is driving new opportunities in the public sector through Microsoft Office 365 security tools
  • Security had become costly and overly complex for their main customers: public-sector organizations at local, state, and federal levels

The solution

  • Implemented Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Security Management to help customers improve their security setup while keeping costs affordable:
    • Utilized Secure Score to train customers on their security standings
    • Showed customers how security practices affect their organization
    • Launched website to help customers determine what Microsoft services they already have, but could be utilizing more effectively
    • Developed personalized recommendations on which Microsoft products would best suit customers’ individual security needs

The results

  • Offered customers security services that met their unique needs—without greatly increasing cost or complexity
  • Deepened customer relationships

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