Microsoft Inspire 2018: Azure Government sessions

If you’re attending Microsoft Inspire 2018, and interested in learning more about building a profitable practice around Microsoft Azure Government, here’s a list of sessions to add to your schedule.

These session recommendations are designed for partners who specialize in government and public-sector areas, whether that’s all or just a portion of your customer base. We’ll be covering topics including digital innovation in Government, defense contracts, market opportunities and priorities, CSP for Government, advanced workloads, IoT, AI, and cognitive services. Check out our recommended sessions below:

Introductory sessions

Executive and Market Opportunities sessions

Data and AI sessions

Advanced Workloads sessions

You can find additional details about Microsoft Azure Government sessions on MyInspire. If you aren’t signed up yet, be sure to register today! We look forward to seeing you at Microsoft Inspire 2018!

Useful links

Azure Government Technical Community