5 reasons to attend Microsoft Inspire

Still on the fence about attending Microsoft Inspire? We can help with that. Partners come to Inspire for a host of reasons, and we’re constantly working to make the experience as valuable as possible for everyone who attends. David Willis, Corporate VP of Microsoft US OCP, recently shared a video discussing 5 of the best things about Microsoft Inspire 2018. Read about them below, along with our recommendations for each reason.

Reason #5

Microsoft Inspire gives partners the opportunity to be a part of a global Microsoft community to share and learn best practices, celebrate successes, and honor top partners.

In particular, Wednesday’s U.S. General Session will provide great examples of what Microsoft and our partners can do and have done together. See which partners are being recognized and awarded, and join the festivities both at our U.S. Area Celebration on Tuesday night and in the U.S. Lounge throughout the week.

Reason #4

This year brings a whole lot of new. That begins with our U.S. Area presentations and celebrations, as well as Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella’s Core note presentation being jointly held with Microsoft’s largest internal sales and marketing event, Microsoft Ready, creating opportunities for connection and mutual learning between partners and Microsoft employees.

The learning continues with Microsoft Inspire Corenotes by accomplished speakers including Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer, Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Commercial Business, and Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President for One Commercial Partner. CEO Satya Nadella will be giving a Corenote to both the Microsoft Inspire and Microsoft Ready audiences. Corenotes will cover topics from practical business advice to what’s most relevant in an ever-evolving industry.

Co-sell session examples

  • OCP07 – Co-sell with Microsoft and drive customer success with the Partner Seller program
  • HUB68t – How to Get the Attention of your Local Microsoft teams
  • HUB31D – Refresh the Road Ahead: a guide to successful business partnering with Microsoft

Reason #3

Microsoft Inspire provides access to Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) across Microsoft’s Solution Areas, with sessions and hands-on opportunities ranging from overviews to deep technical content like helping customers with GDPR obligations and expanding Azure into business apps.

Technical session examples

  • AP139 – Azure security in the intelligent cloud
  • SEC103 – Security and compliance partner and Microsoft field best practices to accelerate your business
  • BA140 – Discover how Microsoft Power BI can help you grow your business by infusing intelligence in your solutions and services

Reason #2

Microsoft Inspire is the overall launch for partners to learn about Microsoft’s fiscal year 2019 priorities, strategies, key initiatives, and updated programs and incentives.

Program session examples

  • OCP02 – Co-market with Microsoft Go-to-Market (GTM) Programs
  • PN08t – Leverage Go-to-Market (GTM) Services to accelerate sales
  • PN06t – Cloud solution provider program update

Reason #1

Microsoft Inspire is the biggest and best opportunity to connect with other partners and with Microsoft executives to create business opportunities to drive your business forward. Entire areas of the event, like the Commons, are dedicated to networking. There will also be partner-to-partner session options, covering things from Microsoft partnership to diversity and competitive Azure platforms.

 Partner-to-partner session examples

  • OCP04 – Scale your business through partner-to-partner (P2P) engagements
  • LEAD04 – Finding true success with P2P
  • LEAD02 – Build a vertical industry practice with Microsoft

The best place to begin preparing for the conference—including scheduling meetings with other Partners and Microsoft attendees—is MyInspire. MyInspire is the all-new meeting tool, designed based on Partner feedback from the Connect tool, with a number of new and improved features. Connect, and thrive.

Still want to know more? Check out David’s full video.

Now that you’re ready to get inspired, register today! Make sure you visit the Microsoft Inspire website and social channels for additional tips and info leading up to the event. In the meantime, you can also check out our additional resources below!