Partner Solution Brief: Taking advantage of Azure

Microsoft Partner Solution Briefs are an ongoing series aimed at helping you, our partners, learn from one another with real-world examples. The brief provides a quick overview with context on business challenges, real examples of partner solutions, and the outcomes.

The challenge

  • Customers need to be able to store ever-increasing amounts of data while maintaining the access and reliability necessary to run their businesses

The solution

  • Nasuni created this level of success through optimizing integration between Nasuni’s cloud storage offerings and Azure:
    • Focused on what customers needed to make storage manageable: a reliable platform, a quality team, and ease-of-use
    • Hosted Azure events at Microsoft Technology Centers
    • Highlighted Microsoft Azure’s advanced technology and ability to handle large amounts of data without sacrificing other features

The results

  • Increased revenue by 80% and new customer acquisition by 120%
  • Created a winning combination that led to customers being able to take advantage of opportunity while also streamlining complex storage needs

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