Recommended sessions at Microsoft Inspire for OSS Partners

Microsoft Inspire is the most important event for our partners to be aware of. It is entirely focused on how you, our partners, and Microsoft will work together to tackle the upcoming fiscal year (FY19), which begins this month.

For our partners attending Inspire who are interested in building their Open Source practice, make sure to check out the recommended sessions below.


AP132t – Accelerate your business with the Linux opportunity on Azure


AP149 – Leveraging the End of Support of SQL Server and Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 to drive migrations to Cloud

AP144 – Driving digital transformation through open source on Azure

AP138 – SAP HANA on Azure: Riding the hyper-growth opportunity

DA118t – Accelerate your business with the integration of open source data solutions and Azure

DA108 – Take new share with SQL Server on Linux


AP139 – Winning new Azure customers with Azure Security

AP137 – SAP HANA on Azure: Accelerate Azure consumption in your accounts

AP133t – Fuel innovation and drive more business by modernizing customers’ applications through containers in Azure

AP117p – Bringing open source to life in enterprise DevOps practices

DA111 – Complying with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on Microsoft SQL-based technologies


AP142 – Grow customer trust and services revenue with Microsoft Azure security and management

AP136p – SAP HANA on Azure: Learning from customers

AP130t – Grow your cloud business with SUSE

AP116 – DevOps on Azure: Loved by developers, trusted by the enterprise

DA138t – Modern platform for machine learning and advanced analytics on Azure

It’s not too late to register for Microsoft Inspire if you haven’t already! Come meet the OSS team at AP133, as well as at The Intelligent Cloud OSS Roundtable. Keep an eye out for the final confirmation of location and time, and we’ll see you there!

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