Part 2: PowerApps Rock! Forget the “slick code” and deliver on robust and maintainable business solutions

Rich Carlsen, Cloud Solution Architect

In my last blog post, we discussed how IT organizations need quality applications with reduced complexity, which can be delivered quickly with a low cost of ownership and high level of maintainability. Configurable application frameworks like PowerApps have a very professional presentation layer that will run on most platforms. Plus, PowerApps can be fully integrated with most cloud service architectures, bringing loads of application functionality to users.

Our focus today is application maintainability when using PowerApps.


  1. Today we will review Architecture, Functionality, and Maintainability using an example application I created based on my favorite hobby, MotoGP.


I’ve created a simple and cool PowerApps example application “PowerUpMotoGP.”

  1. The PowerApps application searches for “MotoGP News” Bing News Search.
  2. The news items description text is fed through Azure Cognitive Services Text Analytics to detect sentiment.


  1. The application displays the news title, published date, and sentiment (“Wheel Stander Rating”) on the main form.
  2. On a second screen, it displays the news title, description, and news article source URL on the details form.


As you can see in PowerApps Studio Web Client, my object naming convention is consistent and easy to read. I chose to use Hungarian Notation for this example, but you can use any naming convention you like, as long as you keep it consistent from project to project.

I’ve added an additional PowerApps screen, which doesn’t get called by the application to enclose documentation. For formal and robust IT shops, this documentation usually resides in a system like VSTS or GitHub. For non-IT office environments, this is the next best thing.

Up next – Creating your own PowerApps applications

In part 3 of this series, we’ll focus on creating your own PowerApps application based on your favorite hobby or interest. Stay tuned!

For more information on PowerApps, visit Microsoft PowerApps Guided Learning.

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