Partner Solution Brief: Specializing in what your customers need

Microsoft Partner Solution Briefs are an ongoing series aimed at helping you, our partners, learn from one another with real-world examples. The brief provides a quick overview with context on business challenges, real examples of partner solutions, and the outcomes.

The challenge

  • 10th Magnitude has seen enormous success in leveraging its expertise in datacenter transformation while also offering the variety and flexibility customers need
  • Many of their customers struggle with cost estimation and comparison when migrating
  • One energy customer wanted to offer new set of applications to end customer without investing in a new datacenter, all in a few months

The solution

  • 10th Magnitude has built on their mission to perform cloud transformations using Microsoft Azure through tailoring offerings to customer needs from multiple Microsoft competencies
    • Knowledge that deep expertise in one or two areas, combined with a customer-centered perspective, leads to high demand
    • Took advantage of trainings and other events offered by Microsoft
    • Built an Azure Migration Dashboard to help customers assess migration costs
    • For energy customer, migrated 2,500 Linux virtual machines to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, meeting the customers need while also going above and beyond by providing visibility into all applications
    • Utilized Microsoft’s new alignment around open source technologies to adapt their offerings to exactly what a customer needs for their business

The results

  • 200% to 250% growth year over year
  • 2017 U.S. Partner of the Year winner for Hybrid Cloud and Infrastructure Platform
  • 10th Magnitude founder and CEO Alex Brown said their relationship with their customers “has continued to grow and evolve as Azure has grown and evolved”

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