Grow your technical skills with Microsoft Dynamics

Join us on September 11 to learn how to access the Dynamics Learning Portal at no charge to deepen your technical skills, followed by the partner spotlight on the shift in B2B client engagement.

Leverage the Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal

Last month, we announced the Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP) is now available at no charge to Microsoft partners. Previously, there was a cost of $1,000 per year to access all training resources hosted on DLP. This expense was a deterrent to many new partners looking to build a Microsoft Dynamics practice. We’ve removed the gate so now nothing is holding you back from uncovering your potential with Business Applications.

If you’re not familiar with the DLP, it’s the quintessential resource for technical and functional training for Microsoft’s Business Applications. The integrated learning portal is the destination for partners to consume online training courses, register for technical workshops, view exam prep guides, and create a personalized learning plan. Join our team as we walk you through the steps to gain access to DLP.

Partner Spotlight – The Rule of 24: An interview with Bob Riefstahl from 2Win! Global

Robert (Bob) Riefstahl is the founding Partner of 2Win! Global, an international training, consulting, and software company specializing in complex product demos, presentations, and video automation. The first 20 years of his career took place in the technology industry, where he rose through sales and executive positions. Since then, Bob has brought his demo expertise to over half of the top 400 technology companies in the world, including firms like Microsoft, Google, IBM, Siemens, and Dassault. Bob is a keynote speaker, consultant, sales expert, and author of the global best-selling book “Demonstrating to Win!”

The Rule of 24 is about the dramatic time compression that B2B buyers are placing on sales organizations today compared to just 4 years ago. It’s being driven by stakeholders as they demand accelerated research, content, answers, and alignment to make a buying decision from B2B sellers and their organizations. Learn why this is taking place, the impact it has on your sales engagement team, and how you can best respond to it.

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