September 12, 2018

Join the Modern Workplace Quarterly Update call

By Willie Maul

Welcome to the Modern Workplace Partner Community. For those new to the community, Microsoft’s Modern Workplace solution area is made up of three main segments: Productivity, Security, and Modern Desktop. There are many solutions that are a part of these segments and we will use the Modern Workplace Partner Community to provide readiness on these solutions. One of the main activities of the community is hosting monthly calls around specific solutions. We choose current and relevant topics that fall within the three main segments, while also asking for partner feedback on topics during the registration process. The schedule for our monthly calls is

Productivity: Every 2nd Friday (next call is October 12th)

Security: Every 3rd Tuesday (next call is October 16th)

Modern Desktop: Every 4th Tuesday (next call is October 23rd)

Once a quarter, we will combine all segments into one call and provide a quarterly update call. We introduced this call format last year and received a lot of positive feedback. During this call we provide documentation on key announcements/updates that occurred during the previous three months, while speaking to a few we feel are most relevant to the community. The deck and call recordings from this format are valuable resources to use as a reference. Since September is the last month of Q1FY19, we will kick things off with a quarterly update. Register for the upcoming September and October calls at

We have additional resources available to the Modern Workplace Partner Community. Be sure to save theses URLs as favorites.

Modern Workplace Partner Community Yammer Network: This is our main channel for communicating with the Partner Community. We use this to provide notices on upcoming trainings, highlight key product announcements, post monthly call decks, etc. We also encourage partners to post and respond to technical questions regarding Modern Workplace solutions. Be sure to join this Yammer network if you aren’t already a member.

Modern Workplace Partner Community Call Registration: Use this link to register for all upcoming calls. We keep the schedule for 2-3 months of calls available at any given time. Register for calls one by one or sign up for multiple calls at the same time.

Modern Workplace Partner Community Call Recordings: While we post the call decks to Yammer, the call recordings are maintained in the platform we use to host the call. We will post the link to the recording on the Yammer community within a day or two of the call. This is a great resource for when you need to go back and hear something a second time or if you aren’t able to make the call live due to other commitments.

We look forward to engaging with you throughout the year. Don’t forget to register for the September 14th Modern Workplace Community call ( to hear more about Productivity, Security, and Modern Desktop updates from the past quarter.

Modern Workplace Technical Community


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