Partner Solution Brief: Creating new revenue streams through blockchain innovation

Microsoft Partner Solution Briefs are an ongoing series aimed at helping you, our partners, learn from one another with real-world examples. The brief provides a quick overview with context on business challenges, real examples of partner solutions, and the outcomes.

The challenge

AlphaPoint is another partner bringing creative solutions to their business and their customers through Microsoft offerings. Founded in 2013 with offices across the US, the software company specializes in blockchain technology solutions. However, what’s traded on blockchain is always changing and it can be costly to digitize assets, establish trust, and launch markets.

The solution

That’s where Microsoft Azure comes in. AlphaPoint implemented Blockchain Workbench in Azure, and has created new revenue opportunities and increased ease of use for their customers:

  • They focus their attention on making everything easier for their customers, starting with a consistent account management team and full 24/7 customer support
  • Ensured that their offering could serve a wide geographic distribution, was scalable, and met security requirements
  • Azure’s enterprise approach and global capability met all their needs, and continues to scale as AlphaPoint’s customers and business grows

The results

AlphaPoint’s unique solution provides a number of benefits:

  • Rapid deployment – The implementation team can fully establish a customer in the system within 3 months thanks to Azure’s ease of use
  • New revenue opportunities – Introducing more liquidity into automated trading at reduced cost to clients
  • Expanded reach – Providing access to markets that were previously unavailable and growing their customer base

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