Making the most of AI for your Business Applications practice

Join our monthly Business Applications Community call on October 9 to learn more about extending Microsoft Dynamics 365 by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). We will give an overview of the AI offerings included in Dynamics 365 and those services available on Azure to build AI into your solutions.

Guest presenter Geoff Innis will demonstrate two examples of how partners can integrate Cognitive Services and the Bot Framework with Microsoft Dynamics 365. These include showcasing how to deliver an amazing guest experience by using the Face API to recognize VIPs and allow a more proactive customer service engagement. Another will show how partners can leverage natural, conversational experiences powered by automated intelligence to empower the agent in the contact center by building a contextually aware Intelligent Agent Assistant, integrated into the Unified Service Desk Agent Desktop.

We will also have a Partner Spotlight section with IOTAP, in which they’ll discuss their solution Work 365. Work 365 is a Customer Experience platform built on Dynamics 365 for Microsoft CSP Partners that enables cloud and recurring billing scenarios for IT services and software companies to scale their business profitably.

If artificial intelligence sounds like an area you’d like to explore as a partner, we invite you to read a three-part blog series on what makes a great AI partner. We explore thoughts around winning new AI projects, gaining leadership buy-in, and why the data estate is so important to a successful AI solution:

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