Microsoft partner investments: Learn more about offers and incentives

Want to know how to make your customer engagements easier and more profitable? Read on for more information about US partner investments!

About partner investments

US partner investments consist of two parts: offers and incentives.

Offers are designed around specific pre-sales or post-sales engagements with customers, and are managed through the Partner Investment Engine (PIE) program. PIE’s objective is to accelerate digital transformation opportunities around Apps & Infrastructure, Data & AI, Modern Workplace, and Business Applications.

For more information on PIE, read our post on how to get started with the program.

Incentives are paid out to partners as a percentage of a sale (transactional incentives) or your customers’ consumption (utilization incentives).

For more information on incentives, visit the US partner incentives website (must have an MPN account).

Together, offers and incentives make it easier for you to demonstrate the value of Microsoft products to customers, and they make your engagements more cost-effective for your business.

Upcoming call topics

The partner investments team hosts a call series every Wednesday that allows you to: learn about updates and enhancements to partner investment programs, get previews of new programs coming to market, and ask support questions directly to the investments team.

Each week, we feature a guest speaker, who will walk you through a deep-dive on an investment or process. In December, we have three calls scheduled.

  • December 5: MPN & cloud competencies with Sarah Broadbent, Audience Marketing Manager
  • December 12: Modern Workplace PIE programs with Diaundra Jones, Product Marketing Manager
  • December 19: Partner incentives with Mike Stinogel, Director, Partner Marketing

During each call, we also offer time for Q&A with the audience so you can learn more about the aspects of each presentation that are most relevant for you.

Sign up for the calls

Joining a call is easy! Simply register for upcoming calls on our community call listing page. After each call, we’ll post the presentation deck to our partner Yammer site, and you can watch the recorded call on demand on the listing page.


After you register for the upcoming call, check out 4 easy ways to stay connected with US partner offers and incentives:

  • Visit the Yammer page for information, updates, and announcements throughout the year
  • Check out program resources on the PIE portal or the partner incentives website
  • Get tier 1 support by contacting the help alias for offers or incentives
  • Connect with the team on our weekly calls by registering for our call series