Maximize the resources included in your Microsoft Partner Network membership

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network—whether you’re a Network member, have an Action Pack subscription, or have attained a competency—you have access to a wealth of resources and offers to help build your business, reach more customers, and sell your solution. Everything you need to know is available on, and below we’ve identified a few key pages and resources to provide some guidance on common topics.

1. Start with the Benefits and Requirements page

Partners often ask, “What are the main benefits included in my membership?” This key page lists the benefits included at each membership level, and each benefit listed provides a direct link to more detailed information.

2. See how a competency can help you differentiate your business

Competencies demonstrate partners’ proven expertise in their field and provide an expanded set of offers to help build your business, reach more customers, and sell your solution. See below how managed service provider Rackspace demonstrates their expertise on their website with their Microsoft designations.

Each competency aligns to a solution area and offers additional resources in addition to the core benefits on the Benefits and Requirements page. Visit the Competencies page to learn about each competency and its additional resources.

3. Dive deeper into your benefits

As you’ve seen on the Benefits and Requirements page, memberships offer resources including technical presales assistance and deployment services, the ability to publish your app on Marketplaces, and earn incentives. Explore these in greater depth using the top navigation on, then choose the category you’re looking for from the dropdown menu.

For example, for the technical presales assistance and deployment services included in an Action Pack subscription or competency, check out the “Technical Journeys” page under “Reach Customers.” Learn how these resources connect you with Microsoft technical consultants to help you build the right technical foundation, which can help lead you to increased sales, accelerated app development, and more effective deployments.

4. Explore how our dedicated partner support team can help you

Microsoft offers a dedicated team of frontline support specialists to answer your questions about the Microsoft Partner Network, from how to sign up and renew to how to troubleshoot any issues you have navigating the site or accessing the resources included in your membership. We’re consistently working to provide the best support experience for our partners. Visit the Support page to learn how to engage support when you need it, or ping the chat agent on every page of

We’re frequently making improvements to the Microsoft Partner Network—continue to engage with the site to maximize your partnership with Microsoft and seize the digital transformation opportunity.

Review your resources frequently to ensure you use every tool available when you market, sell, and deliver your solutions on the Microsoft platform. Start taking advantage of what’s included in your membership now and explore what’s available to you if you decide to choose an Action Pack subscription or attain a competency.

Stay engaged with the Microsoft Partner Network