How to get started with the Microsoft Partner Investment Engine

The Partner Investments team has curated some helpful resources to support partners as you get set up and leverage the resources and tools offered through the Partner Investments Engine (PIE), available on the Partner Investments Yammer.

Want to learn more about PIE? Join our partner office hours calls, held every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. PT. Register here.

Partner Investments Yammer

The Partner Investments team uses the Partner Investments Yammer group to communicate upcoming program changes and answer individual partner’s questions. This Yammer group is regularly updated with newly available resources to reflect program changes.

The recently added PIE resources directory is a handy, one-stop guide for all PIE resources. The directory contains links to PIE program documents, investments resources, and support aliases. If you have a question but don’t know where to look for answers, the PIE resources directory should be your first step!

Another useful resource is the PIE FAQ, which answers questions that commonly come up during our partner office hours calls. This document provides details on individual program policies, overall PIE policies, and links to more information.

Join the Partner Investments Yammer group to get updates on Microsoft Partner Investments and gain access to all our available resources. In addition to the PIE FAQ and PIE resources directory, you’ll find the presentation decks from the most recent PIE partner office hours calls.

Upcoming community calls and office hours

We hold office hours every Wednesday at 11 a.m. PT. To attend, register on our community call page. During these office hours, we answer partners’ questions through Q&A, and often feature a guest speaker to provide deep dives on specific programs and resources for partners. We have two more scheduled calls for this month:

Additional resources

In the meantime, stay connected with the US Partner Investments community:

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