How to boost your pipeline with referrals

Help customers find you, and give them a reason to go with your solution. Building and optimizing your business profile for referrals can open up new opportunities and leads to help you make more meaningful, lasting customer connections.

Many customers are looking for qualified experts to help implement Microsoft technology and business solutions – referrals help these customers connect with the right partner. Here at Microsoft, we often get direct requests for help from customers through our marketing activities and from our internal Microsoft sales agents. Customers also use the Find a solution provider experience to find companies that can help them meet their business needs.

Why should I create a profile?

Get in front of the right customers with your business profile. Today’s B2B buyers are more selective than ever—they want to know who you are before they agree to purchase.

The numbers on today’s buyers speak for themselves:

  • 74% conduct most of their research online before making an offline purchase1
  • 65% engage a sales rep only after they’ve made a purchase decision2
  • 90% never respond to cold calls3

In the end, customers want to work with and buy from someone they can trust. Referrals facilitate those connections and help you accelerate the growth of your business in a lasting way. They can also increase the visibility of your business and help you scale with ease, reaching the right customers in a single experience within partner center.

There are a number of ways Microsoft helps you form meaningful relationships with the most relevant customers for your business:

  • Access resources to attract new prospects through unique features like enhanced profiles, LinkedIn integration, and specialization based on industry
  • Learn about the opportunity to grow your customer pipeline with new referrals capabilities, built on a foundation of customer choice and machine learning
  • Discover how to leverage referrals management to convert leads into happy customers that keep coming back

Check out our guide to getting started, and watch this video for tips on boosting your impact.

What are some tips for setting up and managing referrals?

There are several steps you can take to create a strong profile and effectively manage your referrals. Review these steps below.

How can I make my profile better?

Of course, creating your business profile is just the beginning of maximizing the opportunities available to you through partner referrals. Improve the effectiveness of your efforts by optimizing your profile, developing a social strategy, increasing your LinkedIn presence, and practicing smart marketing.

Optimize your business profile today, and start making more lasting connections with the right customers!

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2 Source: IDC

3 Source: Harvard Business Review