Partner Support Series: Discover your Microsoft Partner Network Support benefits

This series is designed to help you discover and learn more about Microsoft Partner Network support resources, written by Microsoft Partner Relationship Manager Rami Noujaim. Each post will address topics from your most common support-related questions, including technical support and Microsoft Partner Network program support, while sharing ongoing improvements we’re making to enhance your support experience.

Learn about your support benefits

Microsoft is here to support you with flexible technical service options to help you throughout the customer lifecycle.

Here’s an overview of your Microsoft Partner Network support benefits:

As a Microsoft Partner Network member, you receive a number of product support incidents to resolve technical roadblocks and get answers to product-related questions for on-premises, cloud, or hybrid scenarios.

There are two types of Microsoft Partner Network product support incident benefits:

Signature Cloud Support

Signature Cloud Support is an exclusive partner technical benefit for qualified Cloud competency partners that provides you with an elevated level of technical support for Microsoft cloud products, from troubleshooting to unblocking technical issues and more.

Product support incidents

Use your product support incidents to help resolve specific symptoms encountered while using Microsoft software. Product support incidents provide reactive support that focuses on a specific problem, error message, or functionality that is not working as intended.

For non-urgent requests, partners can go to TechNet for technical product support and save your product support incidents for more urgent requests.

Read the step-by-step guide on how to create a technical support incident using the Azure portal, the Office 365 portal, and for on-premises products.

In the next post, we’ll go over how to get support as a Microsoft partner and engage the Partner Frontline Support team with questions related to the Microsoft Partner Network, Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), or partner center. Stay tuned!

Rami Noujaim is a passionate, experienced leader whose focus is helping Microsoft partners better understand enablement and technical support programs designed to build, expand and support their cloud practice. Rami has been with Microsoft for 14 years and has recently earned a Microsoft Champion award for his extraordinary results and exceptional commitment to customer and partner satisfaction.

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