Accelerate your revenue growth with the Cloud Enablement Desk

Microsoft supports the growth of your business at every stage of your digital transformation journey. Many partners see the value of a competency or becoming co-sell ready, but don’t know where to start. If you are looking for your entry point, schedule a complimentary one-on-one consultation with the Cloud Enablement Desk (CED), designed to help you leverage all the resources and benefits available through the Microsoft Partner Network and progress your business toward achieving your goals.

Partners who engage with technical resources as part of their CED-led engagement drive 10 times more Azure revenue uplift, than partners who do not engage with these resources[1]. Don’t leave revenue on the table! Since signing up for the Cloud Enablement Desk, Seepath Solutions has seen their lead-to-close time shorten by more than 25%, and their deployment time reduced by 30%.

Get the most out of your membership

Microsoft Cloud Program Specialists will work with you to create a profitable cloud business plan customized to your practice and it goals. They’ll review not only the available sales and marketing plans, but also underutilized support offerings. They will also facilitate one-on-one consultations and unlimited access to 300-400 level technical resources for pre-sales, proof-of-concept, and deployment assistance. And this valuable resource is completely free to Microsoft Partner Network members!

Since signing up for the CED, Zeurix has seen a 30% increase in Azure consumption. CEO Naha Kayani said, “It’s possible we wouldn’t be thinking about the things that we are thinking about now [without the CED]. It’s a very valuable service. We’re driving more consumption with Azure and (our customers) want to increase their plans with Microsoft.”

Start your journey co-selling with Microsoft

The Cloud Enablement Desk can help you leverage the Microsoft Marketplaces and become co-sell ready. Our cloud program specialists will help you build and validate a co-sell bill of materials, set up your solution in the OCP Catalog, validate IP co-sell solution requirements, and more.

Watch the video below from the Cloud Enablement Desk program owner, John Mighell, to learn more about what the Cloud Enablement desk can do for you!


Maximize your partner benefits. Get the most out of available resources. Accelerate your revenue growth. The CED is a free service for non-PDM managed Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) members. Sign up for the Cloud Enablement Desk today!

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[1] Microsoft Azure Revenue Report, 2018