Partner Support Series: Signature Support as a partner cloud competency benefit

The Partner Support Series helps you discover and learn more about Microsoft Partner Network support resources. Written by Microsoft Partner Relationship Manager Rami Noujaim, each post addresses topics from your most common support-related questions, including technical support and Microsoft Partner Network program support, while sharing ongoing improvements we’re making to enhance your support experience.

Cloud competency partners:  Aligned to the needs of customers, Microsoft competencies let you demonstrate your expertise in delivering a specific solution. Partners with a competency receive more benefits, more opportunities, and increased visibility with Microsoft and customers, including Signature Support, a key support resource.

Microsoft Signature Support is an exclusive technical benefit that provides qualified cloud competency partners with an elevated level of technical support for select Microsoft cloud products. You receive access to technical support engineers who work directly with you, have extensive product-specific knowledge, and who manage your cases from start to finish.

Signature Support handles technical support scenarios for Office 365, CRM Online, Windows Intune, Enterprise Mobility, and Microsoft Azure.

Program benefits

  • Experienced engineers who are trained with extensive product specific knowledge and work with you on your most pressing challenges
  • Partner-centric engineers who understand your business and priorities work extensively with you
  • Solutions-oriented engineers who understand end-to-end scenarios including hybrid deployments

How to submit a support request

To submit a support request on behalf of your customer, you need permission to access the customer’s subscription.

For Office 365 and CRM Online you need to have Delegated Admin Privileges (DAP) for your customer’s subscription, then assign a user administrative access to companies you support, click Partner to enter the Partner Admin Center, select your customer and click + to create a support request.

For Azure you need a sign-in for the customer’s Azure subscription and Administrator / write permissions, then Link Existing Benefits and enter the Access ID and Contract ID for your benefits. Learn how to request your Access ID and Contract ID.

  • Partners should use their Signature support benefit for Azure. Partners who do not have Signature support should use Product Support incidents
  • Partners may purchase Advanced Support for Partners (ASfP) or refer their customers to Azure support plans

For more information, see Cloud support for Microsoft partners.

Contact Microsoft Partner Support

Are you an MPN Partner and need help from Microsoft Partner Support? Get support from Microsoft’s own experts. They can help with partner program issues, presales assistance, issues with Microsoft products, billing questions, and more. Start here to view your contact options.

Contact Microsoft Partner Support

Note: Using the Contact Microsoft Support button requires you to login into the MPN site using a valid Microsoft Partner Network login. If you do not have a valid Microsoft Partner Network login or are having problems logging in to MPN, you can get more information or assistance from the MPN Support site.      

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Rami Noujaim a passionate, experienced leader whose focus is helping Microsoft partners better understand enablement and technical support programs designed to build, expand and support their cloud practice. Rami has been with Microsoft for 14 years and recently earned a Microsoft Champion award for his extraordinary results and exceptional commitment to customer and partner satisfaction.

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