Your new home for Azure migration guidance

I’m safe in saying that very few, and likely none of your customers run a cloud-first business at this point. Yet we now believe that the path to digital transformation and unprecedented revenue growth goes through the cloud, and your ability to move those customer workloads to the cloud will accelerate time to value, creating additional service opportunities.

That’s why I’m delighted to showcase our new Cloud Migration online guided experience designed to help partners develop cloud migration practice strategy and skills, modernize customers’ apps, and enhance service offerings around Azure operations, security and management. The new site leads you through the steps of building a profitable migration practice and honing your go-to-market strategies with the following resources:

    • Tools for bringing your cloud capabilities to market and attract new customers
    • A total cost of ownership calculator to estimate cost savings for moving various on-premises workloads to Azure
    • A pitch deck for making the business case to your customers
    • Real-world customer success stories
    • A 3-part series of Microsoft Practice Development Playbooks:
      • Cloud Migration Playbook — Provides an understanding of partner strategies for building a migration or modernization practice; detailed guidance on how to migrate an existing workload or application to Azure; and how to build migration teams and maintain relevant skills.
      • Cloud Infrastructure Playbook – Offers guidance for building or optimizing a cloud infrastructure and management practice, driving new service offerings, and developing the skills needed for technical delivery of Azure-focused services.
      • Cloud Operations Playbook – Provides insight and resources for practices focused on delivery of Azure operations, security, and management services; positions partners to ensure that their customers have a solid foundation on which to execute their digital transformation strategies.

The advantages of cloud computing are becoming too numerous to list here, and we place them into four buckets: cost, agility, service quality, and new scenarios. Together, these outcomes change the very fabric of business, disrupting business models with new capabilities for accessing, viewing and analyzing information.

Cloud migrations pave the way for follow-on projects and services in a global market that, according to PULSE Gatepoint Research, is forecast to grow to $7.1B by 2021 as 42% of the applications currently running on premises will move to the cloud. And it’s Microsoft partners’ Azure migration skills that will help make it happen. For example, the approaching Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 end-of-support provides a great opportunity to highlight the benefits of moving that infrastructure to the cloud. Especially since 50% of customers look to third parties for help with migrations, according to 451 Research.

Things are done differently in the cloud. Your customer’s IT roles will get upended. From planning and provisioning capacity to deployment and monitoring, partners can show incredible value with their knowledge of the new IT landscape.

To maintain that value, your team’s training and readiness is paramount, and will likely set your practice apart. Each of the valuable playbooks provides the resources for building a curriculum for new and existing staff. Given today’s shortage of cloud-trained talent, that’s critical. One key component of the playbooks is the job descriptions for your cloud migration, infrastructure, and operations teams, and the technical training and readiness resources that will keep you relevant as your practice evolves.

Even if your practice has performed many successful Azure migrations, keep your foot on the accelerator and check out the Cloud Migration guided experience for more ways to add value, increase margins, and build stronger teams.

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