Microsoft Inspire 2019: 10 questions with Lori Borg, Chief Marketing Officer, 10th Magnitude and a veteran Inspire attendee

Lori Borg, Chief Marketing Officer of 10th Magnitude, a Gold Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) talks about attending Inspire – for the 12th time.

Lori Borg, Chief Marketing Officer

1. Tell us a little bit about 10th Magnitude

Founded by Alex Brown in 2010, 10th Magnitude opened the doors of its Chicago headquarters the same month Microsoft launched Azure. This began our long-standing relationship with Microsoft as a leading-edge Partner with deep Azure expertise. And, never having owned a server, we truly were born in the cloud. In 2018, 10th Magnitude acquired Northwest Cadence.

2. How did that acquisition come about?

As CEO of Northwest Cadence and a regular attendee at Inspire, I met the 10th Magnitude team at the 2017 Microsoft Inspire conference. It quickly became clear how much our two companies had in common, particularly in our partnership with Microsoft. In January 2018, 10th Magnitude acquired Northwest Cadence, growing the team’s headcount, expertise, and west coast presence.

3. What does 10th Magnitude do and how long have you been a Microsoft Partner?

An Azure Expert MSP with global expertise in enterprise Azure transformations, DevOps, and Data Intelligence, we help organizations become innovators and disruptors in their industry. We have been a Microsoft Partner since the company opened in 2010.

4. How has your partnership with Microsoft helped your business grow?

It has helped us on so many levels! To name a few…

  • We love co-selling with Microsoft. Our partnership with Microsoft extends our reach in the marketplace and accelerates our overall sales efforts.
  • The One Commercial Partner Global and US team are great. We regularly leverage OCPs GTM campaigns, programs, and partner investments. Additionally, our Microsoft OCP Partner team is outstanding.
  • Microsoft makes it easy for our engineers to stay up-to-date on technologies. 10th Magnitude strives to take advantage of the numerous programs that Microsoft offers, enabling our engineers to stay on top of the latest technologies and actively participate in our continuous investment in training.
  • Lastly, Microsoft builds great products and is a exceptionally strong customer-centric company. We love being a part of the extended Microsoft ecosystem, working closely alongside the Microsoft field as we serve customers together.

Last year 10th Magnitude won two awards, the 2018 Open Source Applications and Infrastructure on Azure – Partner of the Year and the 2018 MSUS Partner Award for Apps and Infrastructure – Datacenter Transformation.  The company was also named a Microsoft 2018 US Partner of the Year Finalist. – Congratulations!!

5. How was the submission process for the Partner of the Year (POY) awards?

The entry process was seamless, and the submission tool was easy to use. Throughout the year, we curated great stories. When submission time came around, we pulled details from these stories and included them in our submissions.

6. Curious, did you know that by submitting your POY nomination, you were also being considered for MSUS Awards? Or was that a surprise?

This was a complete surprise to us, but we were thrilled to have received all three recognitions.  This year, we know that when we apply for the Partner of the Year award, we are also automatically considered for the MSUS Partner of the Year Awards. This is great news because we just submit once to be considered twice!

7. What advice would you give other partners that are considering making a submission for the POY Awards?

  • Read through the list of awards. If certain awards jump out at you, explore them further. If you have a strong story where you made great impact, take the time to do the submission and showcase the results. Microsoft loves to learn how partners are making an impact for customers, and your story may just be the winner!
  • There are a lot of advantages to participating in the submission effort. We treat it as an important investment in time for a couple of reasons. Not only do we want to share our results with Microsoft; we often use the submission content in numerous other marketing communications: special customer recognition, annual recaps, blog posts and more.

That is great…Thank you for sharing.  Microsoft Inspire is only 4 months away:

8. Are you planning to attend Inspire this year?

I wouldn’t miss it! 

9. What do you look forward to the most at Inspire?

I always treat Microsoft Inspire as a strategic re-calibration. It’s great to hear the Microsoft vision, learn about new investments, and gain an understanding of what we can expect from Microsoft going into the next year. The energy and vibe of Inspire is amazing, and it’s a great spot to make important connections. At the end of the week, I take the learnings and experience back to the team and we use it to plan our foundation for the coming year.

10. Last question, what advice do you have for anyone attending Inspire for the first time?

  • Take full advantage of the Microsoft First Time Attendee (FTA) program: You will have a chance to speak with Inspire veterans and benefit from their advice and insights and attend pre-Inspire events. This program is worth the investment.
  • Prepare ahead with a careful plan: The conference is busy, and it is important to set up meetings ahead of time. Review the sessions and understand what you want to get out of the sessions you are attending – do you want to meet the speaker, make new contacts, or learn about a topic.
  • Truly unplug and immerse yourself: Microsoft Inspire offers a way to get away from the office and still focus on growing your business.

The Why Inspire series regularly interviews Microsoft Partners who have attended the Microsoft Inspire conference.

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