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What is Mixed Reality and what is the partner opportunity around this fast-evolving area? A Microsoft-sponsored survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services shows 87 percent of respondents are currently exploring, piloting, or deploying mixed reality.

In our April 2019 release, we extended Remote Assist to Android devices and announced two new applications in preview: Guides and Product Visualize.

Guides—To enhance employee training and upskilling, Guides provides step-by-step instructions that show employees how to use tools in real work situations. It’s heads-up and hands-free, for more effective learning.

Product Visualize—Just as it sounds, this application will allow your customers to easily visualize how a new product will fit in their environment. They can utilize a 3D image to be more comfortable with the product and move to a buying decision quicker. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales allows salespeople to capture information from the customer and tie that right into the sales opportunity. Imagine a retail experience—shopping for a major appliance, for example—that enabled this level of experiential detail!

Holo Lens and Remote Assist, used in combination, can improve customer service by allowing a senior technician to lend their technical expertise to a junior technician to efficiently solve an issue remotely. It’s much more effective than a phone call, and is fully scalable to take advantage of senior resources.

Watch our April Business Applications Community call on demand to hear about our new releases and how partners can use Mixed Reality to improve operations and engage employees. We have Trimble, a North American leader in transportation and logistics, in our Partner Spotlight to discuss how they integrate Mixed Reality into their solutions.

If you are eager to get started, explore the Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality solutions, sign up for previews, and become familiar with the amazing scope of options available to you.

Wondering how to approach building a Mixed Reality practice? Check out our Mixed Reality Playbook, and view our training and customer-facing decks.

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