Increasing sales velocity with the Qorus Content Hub

One of the main benefits of partnering with Microsoft is the wealth of content and resources available to market and sell to customers.

Qorus Content Hub available for the Microsoft Partner Network

Qorus Content Hubas a sales-enablement benefit to increase partner velocity and productivity. You can sign up and activate Qorus today – it’s available to all Microsoft Partner Network members, at no-cost, with an Office 365 login and any of the Office 365 plans with Office 2016 included.

What is the Qorus Content Hub?

Qorus helps partners quickly locate the right Microsoft campaign assets to efficiently create market-ready customer content. Our goal is to help partners connect with customers more easily, and spend less time identifying the right content to use in specific scenarios. A Microsoft Office add-in application, Qorus connects content into Office 365 applications and helps partners:

Locate the right content – Find, preview, create, and add documents without leaving Microsoft Office. Navigate and manage a wide range of Microsoft partner content directly in other Office 365 applications including Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel. Qorus integrates with Microsoft Teams, too, for improved collaboration and sharing.

Qorus Content Hub’s integration with Microsoft Teams enables teams to work together to locate, create, share, assign and track content directly from Teams

 Quickly build customer content – create sales proposals utilizing the most up-to-date branding and information and get content to market faster. Need the latest Azure messaging and branding? You can find it in Qorus. Want up-to-date sales information about Microsoft Dynamics 365? Qorus has that, too.

Know what content is used and how effective it is – monitor how content performs via Track and Share features, which tell you who has viewed, downloaded, and shared your content so you can get new insights to improve the effectiveness of your content and marketing efforts.

With the Qorus Content Hub, partners have easy access to current versions of content and can also access ISV solutions content to sell to customers. This way, partners can assemble multiple vendor proposals, presentations and RFPs more quickly and easily.

Today, there are nearly 600 partners using the Qorus Content Hub worldwide. Thanks to their early adoption and feedback, we’ve refined how the benefit works, and we’ll continue to gather input from partners to make Qorus even more effective. Here is what some US Partners have to say about their experience using Qorus:

“By using Microsoft’s marketing, website, and resources we find that we don’t have to ‘reinvent the wheel’ – we don’t need to struggle to find the right words to explain Microsoft products to our customers.”

“Currently, it takes our new resources four months to fully onboard and understand the Microsoft campaign materials. Our process is to download all the materials, personalize, and then save to our SharePoint online environment. This doesn’t give our team the most current, up-to-date information, and I love that Qorus can solve this pain point.”

The Qorus Content Hub is available at no cost to Microsoft Partners – sign up today to begin using this new benefit to shorten your sales cycles and improve win rates.

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