Partner Solution Brief: Slalom teams up with T-Mobile to support wireless customers when they need it most

Microsoft Partner Solution Briefs are an ongoing series aimed at helping you, our partners, learn from one another through real-world stories. This video brief provides a quick overview with additional context regarding the business challenges and how the partner’s solutions drive positive business outcomes.


Slalom Consulting is a technology and management consulting firm with offices in nearly every major US city. Their offerings range from custom development to business applications and analytics, in addition to their business advisory services.


T-Mobile is one of the largest wireless carriers in the US, with more than 75 million customers across the country.

The challenge

T-Mobile had been using an antiquated analytic tool to assess their systems and knew they needed to upgrade to a new, more modern product. They wanted to be able to quickly and easily stand up a tool that could visualize the entirety of the country’s cell sites, and many of the off the shelf solutions would have been time-consuming and labor-intensive.

The solution

That’s where Slalom came in. Through their partnership with Microsoft, they were able to offer T-Mobile a solution that met all their needs, during both day-to-day operations, and during crisis situations when it counted most:

  • Slalom stood up a new solution with Microsoft Power BI in 2 hours
  • Microsoft’s product knowledge, combined with Slalom’s expertise, data, and architecture, helped T-Mobile go beyond their data and tools to see their vision come to fruition

The results

Slalom’s solution paid off quickly for T-Mobile’s internal teams, and their millions of customers. During a rough 2017 hurricane season in the US, T-Mobile was quickly able to use the mapping capability of Power BI to see and assess cell sites. Now, Slalom and T-Mobile are working together to create new products and services to deliver even more value to customers—making a big impact in their industry.

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