Differentiate your business and acquire new customers with the Cloud Enablement Desk

Differentiating your business is key to strategic growth. In today’s cloud-first environment, there is an opportunity to better engage existing and potential customers with the right message about the cloud opportunity, at the right time. For this reason, many Microsoft partners are seeking to demonstrate their cloud capabilities by attaining a Microsoft competency and by building more effective cloud-first messaging—and they are looking for help navigating the process.

If you’re looking to set your offer apart and build a profitable cloud business, the Cloud Enablement Desk (CED), a free service for Microsoft Partner Network members who do not have a Partner Development Manager, can help get you started. Read on to learn how one partner, Sequel Data Systems, leveraged the CED to attain a competency and stand out from their peers in a cloud-first business environment.

Attain a competency

A mature reseller based in Austin, Texas, Sequel Data Systems was looking to accelerate the growth of their new cloud services practice, leveraging Microsoft technologies and a joint-customer base. Relatively new to the Microsoft Partner Network, Sequel Data Systems needed to quickly understand the resources available as part of their membership, differentiate their offering by attaining a Microsoft competency, and increase their marketing and sales effectiveness to generate more leads.

Through their engagement with the CED, Sequel Data Systems gained personalized expertise from a dedicated Cloud Program Specialist who helped identify the most relevant cloud-based competency, outlined the certifications needed, and helped Sequel Data Systems stay on track to complete the competency requirements. With assistance from the CED, Sequel Data Systems attained a silver Cloud Platform competency within 3 months of engagement.

“We had traction right out of the gate. [Our Cloud Program Specialist] immediately helped us identify where to start […] to attain our cloud competency.” – Shane Scott, Director of Cloud Services, Sequel Data Systems

Improve marketing effectiveness

Sequel Data Systems was also introduced to a wealth of marketing and sales enablement resources, as well as customer-ready materials, to enhance their positioning as a modern, cloud-first partner.

“The marketing materials helped us communicate our positioning. The story we use when engaging with prospects is what turns leads into new business. The CED helped connect us with the right resources, at the right time, to tell that story effectively.” – Shane Scott, Director of Cloud Services, Sequel Data Systems

Maximize your partnership with Microsoft to increase cloud revenue

Partners who engage with technical resources as part of their CED-led engagement drive 10 times more Azure consumed revenue uplift than partners who do not engage with these resources¹. Don’t leave revenue on the table!

Let the CED help you navigate the process of attaining a Microsoft cloud-based competency to differentiate your cloud practice. Through a 6-9-month engagement, your Cloud Program Specialist can point you to the right marketing and technical resources to enhance your cloud messaging and capabilities to help you acquire more customers, more effectively.

It’s easy to get started

The CED is a free service for Microsoft Partner Network members who do not have a Partner Development Manager. Sign up for the Cloud Enablement Desk today.

¹ Microsoft Azure Revenue Report, 2018

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