What does it mean to grow your business with Azure Marketplace and AppSource?

For the past decade, consumer markets have been transformed by online marketplaces. Consumer goods companies have increasingly learned their buyer wants to discover and buy online. Brick and mortar stores aren’t dead, but the role they play in the buyer journey has changed dramatically.

We are seeing this same transformation in enterprise software. Our buyers, both business and technical decision makers, want to leverage online marketplaces to discover and try out new solutions and even to buy and manage their purchases or subscriptions.

Microsoft has long invested in marketplaces as a means to reach our customers. Today we are investing more than ever to make sure we deliver the best buyer journey experience through our marketplaces. This includes making sure our customers have the broadest and best range of choices which means making sure we create a marketplace that’s optimized for our partner community as well.

Marketplaces are a great way to expand your sales footprint. The barrier to entering a new market is as simple as creating a listing in a marketplace. Once you publish an offer to the Azure Marketplace or Microsoft AppSource you can instantly access 141 countries worldwide. Microsoft brings in over 3 million users to these Marketplaces per month. This means your sales and marketing departments can spend less time driving awareness and demand, but rather focus on crucial late stage conversations and closing deals. You can also nurture leads more effectively by knowing more about their buyer journey online. Leads from the Marketplace come rich with data like not just who they are but what they already know and have experienced with your product. Now you can follow-up with that customer more effectively with content, conversations or information that better meets their needs and helps save you time and money.

For partners who have not yet published an offer, the most important thing to do to get started is to begin the publishing process at https://aka.ms/joinmarketplace. You can find important information about the per-offer-type requirements and considerations in our publisher guide, and talk through your offer-specific architecture needs in our Microsoft marketplaces consultation.

For partners who have live offers or who are in the publishing process, we’ve heard your feedback that the Marketplace needed more intuitive tooling to publish offers, and so we are working on moving the publishing experience into the Partner Center, where you’ll find consolidated and simplified experiences. This transition begins with SaaS offers in May, but will include other offer types during the rest of 2019.

Once your solution is live in the Marketplace, you’re ready to leverage the robust Go-To-Market engine of Microsoft. Just by listing in a Marketplace (Azure Marketplace or AppSource) you unlock a host of marketing, sales and technical benefits to help you grow your business. As you grow you’ll continue to unlock more benefits to help support you at your new stage of growth. Engagement with Microsoft doesn’t stop or start around a program, with Marketplace Rewards your access to benefits is evergreen. You can learn about these individual benefits and how to unlock them here.

To stay up to date on new features, new benefits, and marketplace capabilities, you can see the marketplace roadmap in our documentation and post questions directly to the marketplace team through our community forum.

We’re looking forward to helping you drive success through the Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource. Let’s blaze trails together. Get started at: aka.ms/joinmarketplace

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