Lani Phillips at Microsoft Inspire: Inclusive leadership in action

Sherlaender (Lani) Phillips, Vice President of Microsoft’s US OCP Channel Sales

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Lani Phillips is a 20-year veteran of Microsoft and the Vice President of Microsoft’s US OCP Channel Sales. Lani and her team of Enterprise and Territory Channel Managers co-sell with partners to drive cloud sales and consumption across all four solution areas: Modern Workplace, Business Applications, Apps & Infrastructure and Data & AI. Lani is passionate about transforming businesses, cultivating talent and building high performance teams. She is committed to helping our customers & partners be successful in the digital era. She brings over twenty-five years of sales, marketing, customer advocacy and leadership to her business.

People go where they are invited but stay where they are welcome.

As a leader, I can attest to the truth of this statement, and it’s why I strive to create a working environment where people can be their authentic selves and do their best work. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we communicate culture daily through our actions, and an organization’s leaders have an enormous impact on creating a welcoming, inclusive environment.

I’m excited to lead a session called Inclusive Leadership in Action at Microsoft Inspire to share insights about how to create a deeper understanding of inclusion and how to embody these insights in your everyday leadership. We’ll also hear from leaders who have successfully championed workforce diversity and inclusion. They’ll share best practices around creating and sustaining an inclusive business culture and inspiring organizational change.

Inclusion is an inherent part of our mission at Microsoft, and you’ll see it throughout Inspire – you can check out the activities and programming on our Inclusion at Microsoft Inspire post.

Why do we all hear so much about inclusion and diversity in business these days? Because companies realize they need to reflect the customers they serve – it’s essential for growth and survival. And employees want to work in diverse, inclusive environments where inclusivity is a company priority. We also know that diverse and inclusive companies capture more market share, so it impacts the bottom line.

At Microsoft, we’re on a journey to evolve our culture. Because this is a massive transformation, there’s no such thing as being “done,” and we fully recognize we don’t have all the answers. Additionally, one of the best ways to improve our understanding of diversity and inclusion is by learning from others. Four panelists will join me to talk about engaging and retaining a diverse workforce. Our panelists are Andre Player, Managing Director of Valorem, Joe Wallis of Microsoft Military Affairs, Prerna Goja, CEO of Zensa, and Don Penland of Netrix and Working Together Chicago.

I’m so grateful to these leaders for joining me on stage and can’t wait to moderate the discussion. I hope you can join me to learn about inclusion, dig in, and act. I look forward to seeing you at Inspire!

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