4 tips for a seamless Microsoft Partner Network renewal

Every year, partners must renew their Microsoft Partner Network membership. Preparing in advance and knowing what to expect when it’s time for your renewal can help you save time so you can focus on helping drive your customers’ digital transformation success and your own business growth.

We are creating consistent and predictable experiences that simplify how you find new opportunities and do business with Microsoft and each other. Microsoft Partner Network membership capabilities are now in Partner Center, your destination for managing your relationship with Microsoft. The renewal window starts the day after your membership anniversary date and is open for 30 days. Follow these four tips to ensure that you complete the process on time and maintain access to the resources and benefits available to you as a Microsoft partner.

1. Migrate to Partner Center if you haven’t already

Partner Center (partner.microsoft.com/dashboard) is where partners manage all aspects of their relationship with Microsoft, including membership, profile, Action Pack subscriptions and competency attainment, benefits utilization, and transactions. By now, you should have received an invitation by email and in Partner Membership Center (PMC) to migrate your Microsoft Partner Network account from PMC to Partner Center.

Get detailed instructions for your membership migration to Partner Center.

Once you’ve established your account in Partner Center, make sure to invite users from your company and assign them permissions so that the appropriate people in your organization have access to your account. This also enables your employees to associate their Learn Account, so that your employees’ trainings and certifications are recognized for competency attainment and renewal.

We also recommend creating a business profile that helps customers find you. Complete your profile accurately so that you’re connecting with the right customers.

2. Check your anniversary date to know when it’s time to renew

Your anniversary date signals that it’s time for you to renew your Microsoft Partner Network membership. Renew your Action Pack subscription or competency to have continued access to the benefits that the Microsoft Partner Network provides partners, including technical presales assistance and deployment services, go-to-market benefits, Cloud Enablement Desk access, and more.

You can start the renewal process in Partner Center the day after your anniversary date. You then have 30 days to renew your Action Pack subscription or competency.

To view your anniversary date, sign in to Partner Center (partner.microsoft.com/dashboard) and select the “Membership offers” tab. Here, you’ll also see the status of your membership and any competencies you may have.

Learn more about renewing your Action Pack or competency

3. If you have a competency, plan early and review the requirements that your business needs to meet

To renew a competency, you must meet the requirements published in Partner Center at the time of your renewal. We recommend starting early – several weeks in advance – and reviewing competency requirements on the Microsoft partner website so that you’re aware of any changes to the performance or technical requirements since you attained or last renewed your competency.

  • On July 1, 2019, we updated the exam requirements for several competencies. The current exam requirements are listed on each competency page.
  • For Business Applications competencies, review the downloadable guide to learn about updates to competency requirements and retirement of the Cloud CRM competency.

4. Get help if you need it

If you need help migrating your membership to Partner Center or completing your Action Pack or competency renewal, you’ll find partner support resources on the Microsoft partner website.

Stay on track for your renewal – get started early and leverage these tips to have a smooth and timely renewal. Remember, maintaining an active Microsoft Partner Network membership will ensure continued access to Microsoft Partner Network resources, opportunities, and benefits.

Sarah Broadbent is a Partner Marketing Manager at Microsoft. As part of the US One Commercial Partner Go-to-Market organization, Sarah’s charter is to nurture our powerful US partner ecosystem and ensure that partners are maximizing the opportunities available to them as members of the Microsoft Partner Network. She has an MBA with a focus in marketing and technology management from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, and has marketing experience spanning industries including pharmaceuticals, automotive, and technology.

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