October 2, 2019

Five ways SMBs can benefit from using Microsoft Azure to move to the cloud

By Elizabeth Ramaya

The cloud is redefining the small business playing field, transforming how companies grow and serve their customers. Not only are there 3 million current Windows 2008 licenses that need to be migrated but Azure partners see a gross margin of 49% practicewide after three years.1 Are you ready to help your customers take advantage of the cloud and increase profits doing so?

With Microsoft Azure, you can start migrating your customers’ business to the cloud on their terms. With the innovation, flexibility, affordability, and security expected from Microsoft, you can help your SMB customers modernize their business. And now that Microsoft SQL Server has reached end of support and Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 will reach end of support in January 2020, there’s a natural opportunity to move your customers to Microsoft Azure.

The modern business runs in the cloud. Microsoft Azure provides the perfect balance of security, flexibility, and affordability for SMB customers. Here are five ways SMBs can benefit from using Microsoft Azure to move to the cloud.

1. Minimize cost

Customers can avoid paying for unnecessary, expensive hardware. As a subscription service, Microsoft Azure frees your customers from upfront capital expenses and the resources it takes to manage services locally. Meaning your SMB customers can focus on what’s most important: running their business.

2. No downtime

A data disaster is a business disaster. Even a minor outage can put your customers at a competitive disadvantage. With Microsoft Azure, apps work when needed most—without the expense of secondary infrastructure. Don’t leave your customers without a backup plan.

3. Pay-as-you-go

Sometimes your customers need more capacity and other times they need less. Whether it’s seasonal or organic growth, Microsoft Azure can scale to meet your customer’s needs according to demand. Help your customers purchase in advance to get them the best-fixed rates.

4. Cloud options

Moving to the cloud shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing decision. With Microsoft Azure, you can move some or all your customers’ business applications on their timeline. From accounting and HR to commerce and CRM, there’s a place for everything in Azure.

5. Unprecedented protection

Safeguard your customers’ business with unmatched security management and threat protection for all applications and data, whether they’re on-premises or in the cloud. Plus, Microsoft Azure has more security and certifications than any other cloud provider.

It’s never been easier to get started with Microsoft Azure. To learn more, watch The SMB Customer Journey to the Azure Cloud webinar on-demand, or use the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator to see how much money you can help your customers save.

With Microsoft Azure at your fingertips, you can modernize your customers’ business and unlock new possibilities to fuel growth.

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1 The Partner Opportunity Assessment for Azure Service Providers’ A Forrester Total Economic Impact Study commissioned by Microsoft – July 2019


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