Activate these 3 partner resources to grow your Microsoft practice

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, you’re familiar with the importance of each of these three activities. They’re critical to succeeding in your journey as a technology partner growing a cloud practice and helping customers achieve digital transformation. The Microsoft Partner Network  offers a portfolio of programs to help you differentiate, build, go to market, and sell.

In this post, I’m sharing my recommendations for programs, resources, and offers available through the Microsoft Partner Network.

1. Technical enablement and practice building

In today’s technology market, customers are looking for highly skilled partners with specialized knowledge in a product or solution area. To help partners meet customers’ demands, Microsoft provides several technical enablement and practice building resources.

Start with the Partner Readiness Assessment to determine next steps to grow your proficiencies and your practice. The assessment provides a structured methodology and supporting assets for all phases of the cloud lifecycle.

Skill up your teams through the role-based technical and sales training across the Microsoft stack on the partner Training Center. There, you’ll find role-based learning paths aligned to skill level. If you’re working towards attaining a competency, you can also leverage Microsoft Competency Learning Paths to prepare learners for certification exams tied to competencies.

Review our enablement and practice building playbooks to help you support customers through the evolution of technology and meet competitive market needs. Playbooks include the Recruit, Hire, Onboard and Retain Talent partner playbook with guidelines on how to find and keep top talent for cloud practices, and the cloud practice development  with frameworks and tools to develop, analyze, manage, and secure an effective cloud practice.

Finally, activate Technical Journeys to connect with partner technical consultants to help you build key capabilities. Action Pack subscribers and partners with a competency have access to advisory hours with a partner technical consultant for architecture and deployment assistance. Additional benefits include virtual instructor-led technical courses and certification preparation.

2. Go-to-market resources and services

Your membership in the Microsoft Partner Network includes access to go-to-market resources and services that help you connect with customers and other partners.

A couple of good go-to-market resources to get started with are:

  1. Ready-to-go marketing assets: Download free, customizable marketing and sales resources that you can use on your website or when engaging with customers. These resources include campaigns and customer case studies.
  1. Qorus Content Hub: Quickly share Microsoft Partner Network content, like the assets described above, through Microsoft Office applications. These can be shared directly with your customers. Watch the video.
  1. Digital Marketing Content OnDemand: Increase your business influence by making it easier to share consistent, relevant, and customizable content with your network.This resource connects your social media accounts and email lists to deliver 10-week digital campaigns and has an auto-update feature to push content to your company’s social media accounts without any action from you.

For partners with a gold or silver competency, go-to-market services are included with your competency to help accelerate your time to market, drive demand, and accelerate your pipeline. Learn more about what’s included with your competency on the Microsoft partner website.

When you list your application or service in the Microsoft commercial marketplace, you are eligible for services that will help you optimize your listing and showcase your offer. As your commercial marketplace engagement and success grow, so do the services you receive from Microsoft, encompassing marketing, sales, and technical resources.

3. Referrals

According to Forrester Research, in today’s market, 74% of B2B buyers conduct most of their research online before making an offline purchase. Referrals are a powerful way to generate more meaningful connections with customers. When you create a business profile in Partner Center, your business will surface in the Find a Microsoft solution provider page.

When a customer searches for a partner, partner business profiles surface in the search results. Once the customer selects a partner, the system generates a referral, and the partner can manage it in Partner Center. Once a partner accepts or declines the referral, they can negotiate the deal or project. Referral analytics is visible in Partner Center, so you can see how your listing is performing and determine how to better leverage this powerful resource.

The Solution Provider tool uses data and machine learning to match customer opportunities with the right partner. So, we advise partners to fully optimize their profile. You can optimize your profile listing by writing an engaging description to increase your visibility and accurately listing your expertise and customer preferences. Visit the Referrals page to view the guide to setting up your profile and other resources to help you optimize and maximize the impact of your profile.

These three benefits included in your Microsoft Partner Network membership are just a few of the many available to you to help you build your business, reach customers and sell your solution. Don’t wait – activate them today and maximize your partnership with Microsoft.

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